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What is the difference between Cowboy Magic, Mane 'N Tail, and The Stuff? We just got back from a few days away and our dogs had a fun-filled time with their dog-sitter who took them out running on trails and swimming all three days. Today, before we returned, she gave them a shower. I am now contending with matted coats the likes of which I have never experienced. I need a product that I can spray on the bound up hair so that I stand a chance of dematting them without totally destroying their coats. Help me choose which product is better, please!

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Hi Laurie! I groom my 3 and have a side grooming hobby/business. I actually have never used any of those 3 products, but I do have a friend that swears by The Stuff.

Honestly, if they are that matted I would take them to your groomer. For severely matted dogs I shampoo, condition, spray on detangler/leave-in conditioner (I like Chris Christensen Ice on Ice and Show Season's Detangler) , and dry with a high velocity dryer t(hat forces the matt out) while using special dematting tools. It's very time intensive! You can try doing it at home, but I think you might be better off having a pro do it. Your doodles have such lovely long coats...

Best wishes!

I have used all three of those products.  The one I would choose would probably be Horse Mane "N Tail.  Spray a section and let it sit, then brush/comb. Spray another section......  Use the Cowboy Magic for specific mats, not the entire body.  There is a Cowboy Magic shampoo. I haven't ever used it.    If things are really bad - I go to my groomer.  I love my groomer - she works with the coats to get the mats out rather than shaving.  She does the things Lori said.

I don't believe in Detangling products, because the coat should be detangled before washing it. Also all those products contain potentially harmful, unnatural ingredients. The best way to remove tangles is to do it yourself with barber scissors, split the knot and brush it out with the Activet Red matzapper brush. I am a specialized Doodle groomer and teach owners to groom the Doodles themselves and this is all in my free book preview and book on :-)

Charlotte is much worse than Wally. I spent a good amount of time working on her coat last night. I used corn starch (since I didn't have any of the other products at home) and worked it into the knotted areas. I then used my red Les Pooches Matt Zapper, cutting the worse matts down the middle with a scissors when necessary. It is a very tedious process, but thankfully, both of my dogs are quite cooperative about me brushing and combing them between visits to their groomer. I would like to find a safe spray-on product that will help the matts loosen up so that it is easier for me to untangle them. 

Today I tried working some Zymox leave-in conditioning rinse into Charlotte's tangles and then combing the out carefully with Les Pooches matt zapper. It is time-consuming for sure, but it is doing the trick. 

Glad that is working for you!



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