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We just got our bernedoodle puppy about a week ago and I was looking through our grooming supplies and I can't help but feel I'm missing something. 

We didn't buy anything extra from what we had for Luna and she was a smooth-coated doodle so I feel like I probably need some more supplies for a fluffball doodle.

Here's an inventory of what I have:

- Straight tooth metal comb (has an end with finer spacing and an end with wider spacing)

- Slicker brush  (some silly medium-sized cheap one we bought at wal mart, I have no clue what type it is)
- Furminator de-shedding tool

- Thinning shears

- Small curved scissors (I used these for trimming in between Luna's paw pads)

- Nail clippers
- Ear cleaning solution with cotton balls (bought this new - Luna's ears never needed cleaning but Riley has the poodle-like ears full of hair)
- Puppy shampoo and some mane 'n tail conditioner

- Blow dryer (regular people one but it's pretty powerful and has temperature settings cold/warm/hot)

Things I'm likely going to get but haven't done it yet:

- Clippers  (likely this one:

- Detangling spray for stubborn mats

- A de-matting tool

Can you think of anything else I might have missed?

Here's a pic of Riley so you have an idea of her puppy coat.  It's generally straight and fluffy (about 2" long already) - more wavy around her head and curly on her ears.  I've started getting her used to brushing with the slicker brush since I  imagine she will need a nightly brushing!  Bernese have a thick double coat - her coat certainly seems thick but it's a puppy coat so who knows.

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I'd keep the Furminator away from her; it shouldn't be used on non-shedding coats at all, and I found it left JD's long straight shedding coat looking very choppy.

I'd get a Chris Christensen big pin brush, maybe the T brush. It's great for all longer coats, both shedding and non-shedding. The rakes with the rotating pins are great for all types of longer coats, too, and they are very inexpensive. 

Thank you!

Yeah I have no plans on using the furminator if I don't need it.  It worked really great on Luna's short, heavy shedding coat though!

This one (for the pin brush)?  There are a number of them (this one's 27mm, there's a 20mm too), I'll have to look at our local store too but they tend to be quite expensive and their grooming supplies are not that well stocked.

I think we may have one of those rakes with the rotating pins after looking at a few pics of them... I'll have to have a closer look at our stock.  I think I may have bought one pre-furminator and never touched it after we got the furminator.

This is the brush I used for JD; the 27mm T-brush:
I bought the 16mm one for little Jasper. 

The shape of it makes it easier to brush them with less strain on your wrist, IMO.

It's $70 on ouch!  I'll try to find it in-store and if not I'll get the oval one.. my wrist will have to cope ;)  I can always hold it sideways.

Wow, that is quite a difference in price!! 

I had a thought. It's $28 dollars here, plus whatever they may charge for shipping and/or tax, if anything. Maybe one of us could buy it and then send it to you. Shipping to Canada is pretty expensive, but I doubt it would cost $30+, lol! 

It's the duty that causes problems... it's rarely worth it to bring things across the border because of it.  I know a lot of people who love Zulily for clothes but it's just not worth it after all the extra fees!

The difference between Amazon .com and .ca is often ridiculous.  If I get lucky the same item is only a few dollars more but often it's WAY more expensive or you just can't get it here.  

Hubby's parents are in AZ for a few more days then coming back here, it's too bad I didn't think of this sooner they could have brought it back for us.. they're already bringing us back our alarm system for our new house lol.

If it's sent as a gift you won't get dinged for duty costs.

 Try this site, they are in Canada.


After a little sleuthing on their site it's in Alberta (I'm in Ontario), probably pretty expensive for shipping.  I think I'll just get the oval brush for now and see how it goes. 

I'm actually beginning to wonder if a brush like my daughter's detangling brush might be nice for bath time (my daughter has thick curly hair and this thing works wonders when her hair is wet).  The tines might be too short though.

Because inquiring minds want to know, I sent them an e-mail. This is the response.

Probably around $15 however you can easily add other items without changing the shipping too much


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Thanks Donna for acting on your curiosity :)

Good to know for the future if I have a specific brush in mind.



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