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We just got our bernedoodle puppy about a week ago and I was looking through our grooming supplies and I can't help but feel I'm missing something. 

We didn't buy anything extra from what we had for Luna and she was a smooth-coated doodle so I feel like I probably need some more supplies for a fluffball doodle.

Here's an inventory of what I have:

- Straight tooth metal comb (has an end with finer spacing and an end with wider spacing)

- Slicker brush  (some silly medium-sized cheap one we bought at wal mart, I have no clue what type it is)
- Furminator de-shedding tool

- Thinning shears

- Small curved scissors (I used these for trimming in between Luna's paw pads)

- Nail clippers
- Ear cleaning solution with cotton balls (bought this new - Luna's ears never needed cleaning but Riley has the poodle-like ears full of hair)
- Puppy shampoo and some mane 'n tail conditioner

- Blow dryer (regular people one but it's pretty powerful and has temperature settings cold/warm/hot)

Things I'm likely going to get but haven't done it yet:

- Clippers  (likely this one:

- Detangling spray for stubborn mats

- A de-matting tool

Can you think of anything else I might have missed?

Here's a pic of Riley so you have an idea of her puppy coat.  It's generally straight and fluffy (about 2" long already) - more wavy around her head and curly on her ears.  I've started getting her used to brushing with the slicker brush since I  imagine she will need a nightly brushing!  Bernese have a thick double coat - her coat certainly seems thick but it's a puppy coat so who knows.

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Update - received the brush yesterday.  It's nice because it's not scratchy! or I think so anyway... Riley isn't so sure.  I let her sniff it and she poked her nose on the bristles and now I have to coax her into letting me even touch her with it.  

Something to work on nightly for the next little while ;)  By the end of last night's session we went from her barking and backing away from the brush to tentatively allowing me to touch her with it.  A little progress but she's REALLY not sure that the brush isn't going to attack her :p

Update on Riley grooming.. I think I maybe need to trim her face a bit.  What do you think?

This was a couple weeks ago and the fluffies between her eyes are even more pronounced.  I've been debating whether or not to trim the area between her eyes because it seems to me if it keeps growing it might just flop over and won't be obstructing her view anymore.


Also - the eye fluffies are really cute and I am worried I'll somehow mess up her shaggy look :p  I know it's just hair but I think she looks pretty darn cute in her scruffy state.  I mean I *think* she can still see okay...



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