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Hey all! Just curious if anyone had any recommendations on a grooming table brand. We bought a cheap arm online and just attached it to a card table and it has worked wonderfully for our smaller guy, Yeti. However, Phin is 20 pounds + heavier and it shakes a lot more while hes up there which makes him uneasy. Not looking for anything fancy, just a good sturdy table that can hold my boys while I brush them a couple of times a week.
Yeti is 30-35 pounds and Phin is 50-55 pounds.

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I don't know but so freaking handsome!

Can you tell they get away with everything at home?! 

Hi there.  Beautiful doodles!  I have an electric table that I use with my two.  Chester is 60 pounds so there is no lifting him up and Desmond is 40 pounds.  I love this table, I've had it over 3 years now and haven't had any issues.  

Go Pet Club Grooming Table, Electric Motor

Thank you so much! I'm not sure if we are going to need an electric one or not, but i will absolutely look into it!!

I use it at least once a week when I brush them out.  I know it's not cheap but trust me if your doodle is hard for you to pick up, this is the way to go to save your back.  If you need any other supply suggestions I have a list that I send people with all of my stuff on there.  Good Luck on finding a table and happy home grooming!

i would also LOVE to buy a nice dryer for them. do you have one!?

  1. BPD-2 Bear Power 4 HP High Velocity Pet Groomer Dryer

Only 14 lbs with quiet motors and variable airflow speed.

Twin Turbine motor warms air and washable filter keeps pet hair out of motor.

Three nozzles-cone nozzle, slot nozzle, and face nozzle.

4 HP motor, 115V, 40,000FPM, 210 CFM and 13.2 amps.

10 foot flexible hose and 10 foot cord with variable speed control.


Cool table and totally handsome boys!

I’m looking for the same thing… but hoping for something inexpensive.

I bought this one for my first grooming table and LOVED it:

How heavy was your dog? :)




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