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Hey all! Just curious if anyone had any recommendations on a grooming table brand. We bought a cheap arm online and just attached it to a card table and it has worked wonderfully for our smaller guy, Yeti. However, Phin is 20 pounds + heavier and it shakes a lot more while hes up there which makes him uneasy. Not looking for anything fancy, just a good sturdy table that can hold my boys while I brush them a couple of times a week.
Yeti is 30-35 pounds and Phin is 50-55 pounds.

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Wonderful!! This is exactly what i was looking for at this point in time. Believe me, I would love to get an electric one it is just no in the cards right now, but I wanted to make sure that a non electric one would be sturdy enough

Oh gosh, yes it is very sturdy.  I'm a groomer and this was my first table. I've groomed an 80lbs Retriever on it :) 



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