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So I tried searching and only found a little bit of info and it's all pretty dated.

I'm in search for a grooming table and wondering what I should be looking for and what might be recommended.  I have two pups that require grooming but the newest pup will definitely need the tethers to keep her steady.  I have been grooming Sassparilla (60# Labradoodle) for over 5 years and she is super easy and can be done in about 10-15 minutes on the patio. My newest addition Maisie has way more hair (DNA results came back purebred std poodle) and she's a wiggle worm.  For her I will want to tether her head and hips to keep her from falling off the table.

Googling I've seen some with a full arm for the tethers?  Also I'm 5'6 so would like a taller table to avoid flaring up my already bad back and hopefully not real expensive but I do understand the need for quality.

Any guidance on what I need to look for and suggestions on what I should buy would be greatly appreciated.  

Maisie got her first cut last night, sitting on the floor and having my daughter hold her "steady" so not such a great cut but I'm not stressed about it.  My fist attempt with lots of hair and a wiggling puppy, I will learn from my mistakes and hopefully do better next time.  All things considering I think we did well for our first time but there is definitely room for improvement.  Here she is before and after and with Sassy.  I need to wet her to bring back the curls, it was too late and too cold last night to get her wet.

I'll be posting a separate discussion on shampoo suggestions to keep her black coat looking good.

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I got this for my 25# Labra-cocka-doodle, looks alot like yours, but shorter!  ;^)

Flying Pig Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pet Dog Cat Bone Pattern Rubber Surface Grooming Table with Arm/Noose by Flying Pig Grooming.

Not adjustable height, but @ 31.5" it's good for me at 5'-9". Very sturdy, nice rubber top, biscuit shape so you can lean into the dog. You'll also need a hip harness or 2.

about $150 depending on size. I wasn't going to pay $500 for an adjustable, and it's also easy to put away. I also use it in the bathtub for baths!

Thanks I'll check them out.

I used a folding table from Costco with a yoga mat to prevent slipping. You can get a tether to attach separately. Your pup is a cutie!


She is so adorable!

Thanks Nancy. 

I just ordered this one for our big pup, they have smaller sizes. Hasn't arrived yet so no review but it had what I needed and the price was good.

Please let me know what you think I was looking at this one and the flying pig. Flying pig slightly higher but I like the full bar for tethering on this one. 

Sorry for the delay but we had the grandkids down for spring break right into our community yard sale prep.... I am very pleased with the table I posted above! It's got everything I would need but a place for my dremmel. I'll add photos. The grooming arms can be set up as the full cover hoop as shown or two separate arms without the center. The arms are totally adjustable for the dogs height. The grooming nooses are easy to adjust, they are slides just like a show lead. The haunch noose comes with a small neck noose that I will never use for our big Beau but if you had a small dog you would have neck and haunch holder on one connection. It folds up so easily without a bottom shelf! For the $99 I got great value. It's very stable and sturdy. I do wish there was one more tray pocket for our dremmel but there are plenty of holes for scissors, combs, brushes and clippers otherwise.



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