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So I tried searching and only found a little bit of info and it's all pretty dated.

I'm in search for a grooming table and wondering what I should be looking for and what might be recommended.  I have two pups that require grooming but the newest pup will definitely need the tethers to keep her steady.  I have been grooming Sassparilla (60# Labradoodle) for over 5 years and she is super easy and can be done in about 10-15 minutes on the patio. My newest addition Maisie has way more hair (DNA results came back purebred std poodle) and she's a wiggle worm.  For her I will want to tether her head and hips to keep her from falling off the table.

Googling I've seen some with a full arm for the tethers?  Also I'm 5'6 so would like a taller table to avoid flaring up my already bad back and hopefully not real expensive but I do understand the need for quality.

Any guidance on what I need to look for and suggestions on what I should buy would be greatly appreciated.  

Maisie got her first cut last night, sitting on the floor and having my daughter hold her "steady" so not such a great cut but I'm not stressed about it.  My fist attempt with lots of hair and a wiggling puppy, I will learn from my mistakes and hopefully do better next time.  All things considering I think we did well for our first time but there is definitely room for improvement.  Here she is before and after and with Sassy.  I need to wet her to bring back the curls, it was too late and too cold last night to get her wet.

I'll be posting a separate discussion on shampoo suggestions to keep her black coat looking good.

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I got this for my 25# Labra-cocka-doodle, looks alot like yours, but shorter!  ;^)

Flying Pig Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pet Dog Cat Bone Pattern Rubber Surface Grooming Table with Arm/Noose by Flying Pig Grooming.

Not adjustable height, but @ 31.5" it's good for me at 5'-9". Very sturdy, nice rubber top, biscuit shape so you can lean into the dog. You'll also need a hip harness or 2.

about $150 depending on size. I wasn't going to pay $500 for an adjustable, and it's also easy to put away. I also use it in the bathtub for baths!

Thanks I'll check them out.

I used a folding table from Costco with a yoga mat to prevent slipping. You can get a tether to attach separately. Your pup is a cutie!


She is so adorable!

Thanks Nancy. 



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