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I have a 14 week labradoodle that will soon need to be groomed She's a f1b with a standard labradoodle mom and mini poodle dad. She has been shedding since we picked her up. I have yet to find another labradoodle that looks like our Hadley. Her hair is very rough in places and she's covered with fuzz. I live in a rural area with few groomers and I am unsure what directions to give my groomer. Any suggestions on how to groom her would be very helpful!

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Hi Mindy, ask the groomer for a puppy thinning scissor cut by hand. This will keep her looking fluffy and not ruin her growing coat, whatever it will grow into :-) For inspiration check my Doodlecomfort FB group as I am a specialized Doodle groomer, teaching owners how to groom their Doodle in a natural, fluffy way. Good luck! xxx

Even if the groomer isn't familiar with doodles would asking for a poodle puppy cut work in general?  That seems to be a similar look to what I see in most doodles.

Not a "puppy cut", a "panda" or "teddy bear" cut. As mentioned, a "puppy" cut for Poodles involves shaving the face. 

Ohh okay, I always thought that "teddy bear" cut was the puppy cut.  Dr. Google shows me the difference ;)

Thank you! I will check out your Facebook page!

Thank you so much for the information. I will check out your FB page. Do you think there's hope for her to stop shedding once she gets her adult coat? 

A poodle puppy cut usually has a shaved nose, like a poodle. Not only un-doodle-like, using clippers the first time, so close to the ears, eyes, etc can be traumatic for a pup. Doodles usually are very sensitive. More so then poodles or Labrador retrievers.

Mindy, are you brushing her coat regularly? It looks like she needs a good brushing. If you are keeping up with brushing, what kind of brush are you using? 

I do brush her, but probably not as much as I should. I swear the shedding gets worse!! The brush is a paddle brush with soft/medium pins.

Pick up a shedding rake with rotating pins at a local pet supply store. They are inexpensive and really help. You'll also want to invest in a good brush. I use Chris Christensen brushes on my Poodle and also used them on my doodle. 

Don't brush her too much, because of over-brushing effect. I think the shedding is caused by the mix of different breeds. Sometimes the labrador retriever genes get the upperhand. Best brush for every Doodle is the Activet red matzapper. Try to find this and read my free ebook and book preview for more tips on labradoodle grooming and overall care and upbringing :-) Enjoy! xxx

There is no such thing as the "best" brush for every doodle, because every doodle has a different kind of coat. Doodles' coats range from flat like a Lab's to long and straight like a Collie's, through every variation of waves and curls all the way up to the thick, dense woolly coat of a purebred Poodle, and they all need different kinds of brushes and grooming. There is also no such thing as an "over-brushing effect". That's ridiculous. All doodles need reguIar thorough brushing and combing, and the ones with Poodlish coats need it several times a week. Shedding breeds like Labs and Goldens benefit from brushing every day. I know you love to take every opportunity to try to sell your book, that seems to be the only reason you post here, but from what I've seen in your posts, you are far from an expert on doodles in any way. 



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