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Roxy is being dropped off today at the groomer for some serious matting around her ears.  I am kinda upset that the matting is so bad when she goes there so often to get bathed and brushed out.  Any suggestions I should tell the groomer to do or not do?  The rest of her body isn't matting.  Roxy is 8 months old.  Thank you!!!

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If the hair is really fine there might not be too much you could do except comb it every couple hours - yeah, right! The type of conditioner you use might help to prevent matting but that will be experimental. I use Ikara comfort shampoo & nurture conditioner which helps me comb through some tangles but Picco really doesn't have matting problems.

The groomer just called and said as soon as my son drops her off she will call be back but she has before just shaved around the ears due to this problem.....

She said it would be partially due to the collar I am using.

I think the hair behind the ears and under elbow tend to matt the quickest.  For this reason, Enzo gets brushed/combed  every day.

You can slice through the mats and brush and cut them out.  Check her ears daily and you can catch the mats right away.  It is the most common area for mats - as well as collar area, tail, pits.  She is about the age to begin the coat change too, although Ned is ten and still mats in lots of areas, but especially around the ears.  You can cut behind the ears and under them pretty darn short without changing the overall doodle look.  This is Ned with the area behind and under the ears very short - looks just as doodley as ever. 


Thank you everyone!  One I defiantly need a new groomer!!  Two Roxy does need to be combed daily,  I also didn't realize they go through a coat change at this age.  So I am guessing that has allot to do with what is going on. 

The groomer did shave a few matts out, but I am just not happy with the service I am getting there.  They even handed my son one of her "hair matts" when he went to pick her up.  



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