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I have a miniature three month old goldendoodle whose nails were trimmed at his 9 week vet appointment,.  They seem to be growing long again. What nail scissors do you recommend?  Also,it seems I can see the difference between the slender nail tips and the part with the vein. Is there a video I should watch to learn to trim his nails, or should I just schedule a grooming visit to get the trimmed?


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I really like to Dremel with a cordless Dremel.

If you start young and treat often they get used to it and it is way to take just a bit of nail off.

I do my dogs nails in between grooming appointments. I'm not fancy enough for the Dremel (maybe not coordinated enough.) I use the nail clippers that look like scissors.

If your dogs nails are white/clear you can definitely see the quick, or vein in there. I love the clear nails! I think looking on you-tube for a video would be helpful to you. Also helpful is having some styptic powder available just in case. It's not the end of the world if you quick them, but I try really really hard not to, probably leaving their nails a tiny bit too long rather than risking going too short. I'm not a good groomer, but I'm proud of my nail cutting skills!

I use a dremmel with an attached flex whip gadget.... cant remember what it's called but Lowes, Home Depot carry the attachment. Get a variable speed dremmel so you can speed up or slow down. Oh.... yummy treats are required too ;-)



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