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Does anyone Dremel their dogs nails? I'm looking for recommendations on type, brand etc. Some of them are battery operated, some of them are corded. I'm not sure how powerful or what I should be looking for. 

One of the dogs in Willow's class is a future show dog Dalmatian. And his nails are gorgeous. Short and rounded, just lovely. I do okay with my clippers. They are short enough that they don't make noise when they walk. And the dogs tolerate clipping well, but they aren't gorgeous like that. And they're definitely sharper than if you use a Dremel. The groomer charges an extra 10 dollars to grind them. Most of the dremels I'm looking at on Amazon are only about 15-20 dollars. I bet I can do it myself.

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I actually just bought a Kissin Dog Nail Grinder off amazon for $14.99. It has a rechargeable battery with a usb cable. It comes with clippers too, which I probably won’t use but that’s ok. Our groomer has a big nail dremel which caught some of my mini’s hair in between her toes so she uses this smaller one. One of her other groomers own this exact one. The nails are my mini’s only problem area, she hates for her feet to be messed with. So I just got it today, it is extremely quiet and gentle. I’ve only started tonight to introduce it to her at home and I think it will only be a short time and she’ll be fine.

Getting their hair wrapped around it is my big concern. I remember when some of the papillon people would use them they would take an old pair of panty hose, put the dogs foot in the hose and then poke the nails through, so all the hair was out of the way. I don't know how mine would feel about it, but it might be worth $15 to find out. 

That's pretty ingenious!!

I have the Furminator grinder. It has a light so I can see what I'm doing. 

A light would be fantastic. I'm always looking for more light.



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