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We took our 17 week old goldendoodle Penny to the groomer for the first time this week. The groomer came highly recommended; I think I didn't know what to ask for so we were very unhappy with the result. I said that we liked her on the shaggy side, but wanted to be able to see her eyes. She came back with a very poodle-like trim - also very straight and fluffy. My daughter was crying and said we had ruined her, but we have most of the curls back after misting her and letting her play in the snow! The hair will have to grow back. So, what should I ask for in the future? New to all this doodle stuff, although an experienced dog owner. Before and after photos posted here.

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What a cutie! I think the cut is great! When Zoe first went to the groomer, it was a little too short for us. We just told her where we would like it longer, and the next time it was better. Sometimes it just takes a few times for the groomer to know what you like. :)

Hi, I had my 16 wk old doodle done at PetCo a couple of days ago. I am not happy with the arbitrary chops of hair here and there that she came out from the PetCo groomers with either! Maybe it is the first cut, I don’t know. The groomer said she knew how to cut a GoldenDoodle, I had asked for her to look like a GoldenDoodle. But my doodle never had as much curls as yours, and your doodle’s cut is much better than my doodle’s cut. I think I am just going to let her hair get really shaggy before I cut it again.

  I love your doodle’s cut, it looks very good!

  Here is Snickers After the groomer pic.... and her before shot is my avatar pic that u can see for me here on DK.



Ellen, your groomer did a great job if the second  picture is the after photo. You asked to see her eyes. :-) That part is a tiny bit awkward but only a tiny bit.. when you brush them out they look puffier and straighter. Take a squirt bottle and spritz it and scrunch with your hands, and voila! The coat looks curlie again. Your sweetie is precious. 

Sierra, your pup is adorable, but your groomer didn’t do anything ‘Doodle’ in that trim. She just trimmed it shorter with no shaping. 

our pup hasn't needed grooming yet but I am already downloading pictures to a file on my phone so I can show a groomer pictures of exactly what type cut I would like. 

You can get lots of photos here! :-}  Make sure that you choose doodles with coats similar to your pup's. 



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