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Our pup is a sloppy drinker and his beard is always wet and smelly. We found a small mat in his beard yesterday.

Does anyone own a Slopper Stopper water bowl? Does it work? Is it worth the cost?

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I have tried several water bowls for my 7 month old Labradoodle and he always put more water on the floor or his chin than he consumed. I saw an ad for the Slopper Stopper and purchased one. It took me a couple of fills of the bowl to get the right way to fill and it took my Denver a few days to figure out how it worked. I am very pleased with the results. Not only in the house, but when I travel with the dog the Slopper Stopper comes with me. The water does not spill out with the movement of the car and Denver can drink to his hearts content.  I am very pleased. Good luck with your decision.

Thank you, Bill. Glad you had success with it. We will give it a try. What size did you get for your LD? Our 8-month pup is about 55lbs so I'm thinking the large will do (for 51-85lb dogs).  

I got the large size and the decal on the lid states 45 to 75 pounds. My guy is 55 pounds. The bowl holds a gallon of water and you only fill to about 1.5 inches from the top. That seems to work the best. The lid has a rubber seal so the top is very secure. Good luck

Great, thank you so much!



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