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i took Taco in for his summer cut and they did a great job!  I told them to leave the hair around his face longer as I didn’t want him to look like a poodle.  Now my husband says he looks like a duck!  I think it is cute but agree his hair seems to be sticking out wider than most doodles I see.  Is this jut the way his hair grows( he is very wavy but no real curls), or is there something I could tell them next time so he looks less like a duck!  I really like his groomer... she is so great with him, but I am new to this grooming thing!

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They can bring it in closer around his muzzle. Ask them to do a "doughnut muzzle", and you can google for pictures. Or just find some pictures here on DK of trims you like and show those to your groomer. 

I'd just ask them to make the muzzle hair match the lengthnofmhis beard so it's more balanced....or like Karen said donut muzzle.

I agree that it's just not quite 'right' but the groomer did a great job otherwise.  Here is a group photo of lots of doodles.  You can zoom in on each one and see which coat type mostly matches Taco and what the muzzle is trimmed like.

What a great photo!  Thanks for the advice!  I now have a better idea what to ask for when he goes for his next grooming appointment!



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