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I'm dog sitting for an acquaintance for the next two weeks. Mostly because the dog is the most delightful little cuddly poodley thing. She looks like a mini Katie with a very short tail. I'd have trouble telling them apart in the dark. 

But her nails are shameful. I cut a big hunk off of them and she just sat and let me do it, but my question is: is it true that the quick pulls back after the nails are cut? They're black so I can't see what I'm doing. They're still really too long, and I would like to cut them again but I don't want to hurt her. 

I kind of wish I could keep this little munchkin. She came over here and snuggled right in beside me and shows no sign of ever wanting to move. 

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There is a nice video in this blog about cutting nails. Basically, think of like whittling a piece of wood, when you think you are getting close to the quick just shave off a little at a time around the nail.

It's only true that the quicks recede when you cut the nails IF the nails have been trimmed regularly and kept shorter. When the nails are allowed to get too long, or cut infrequently, the quicks will lengthen and will not recede much when the nails are cut. This can become a chronic issue where the dog's nails must be kept too long because there is no way to get them short enough without cutting the quicks. And with black nails, it's very difficult to keep from cutting into the quick. I would leave well enough alone. It's great that you were able to cut them at all. 

That's what I was wondering. I knew the quicks grew out with their nails, but I wasn't sure if they would pull back in a couple days and I could go shorter. But they have to be a little better than they were. 

I also feel like she stands back on her wrists instead of up on her toes like my girls, and I wonder if that's from her nails being left too long. Or maybe it's my imagination. She's a happy little thing. I just don't like it when people don't take care of their dogs like I do. She tinkled on the floor as soon as she got here and the lady smacked her on the butt and I wanted to smack the lady because we don't hit in this house. 

When the dogs have black nails it is best to just keep trimming a TINY bit of the nail until you see a little black spot in the center  white part of the nail.  This black spot is the beginning of the quick, stop there and wait for another few weeks and trim again.  Keep trimming every few weeks to get the quick to recede.    



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