This is for everyone who purchased a Doodle Heaven puppy! Here you can post comments,blogs and more and you will get to meet other familes who purchased a DH puppy... Have fun sharing stories and pictures ~We hope you enjoy this as much as we do~
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  • What a good picture=) Cookie is so cute!!
  • Brittany! Just wanted to say hi and tell you all is well. Our little Cookie is doing great and we love her!! We love this pic of her with our daughter after she decided to give Cookie a new look! Thought she looked so cute, kinda like Mini Mouse!! LOL!
  • hey everyone start taken pictures let's see if any of our doodle heaven puppies/dogs can make the 09 calendar!!!!! that would be sooooooo cool..... I need to start with murph later this week:) have fun!!!!
  • hey you should change pictures on here put up that little cutie pie:)
  • yes great:) I have heard of this temperment test before they use #'s to tell what the puppy is going to be like I have read mostly 4's would be a puppy that is a little less out going 3#'s were more active.. not sure what other #'s they use. I read you can do this at 6 weeks old:) very glad to hear you are starting this:) it will help alot in picking out our next puppy
  • love the new puppy pictures at 3 weeks old:) cream boy has stole my heart!!!
  • Hi Brittany, Good to hear from you again. Congrats on
    the new litter. The puppies are beautiful! Pam
  • Hey all, I just put up new pictures of Murphy. Check them out!!!
  • hey anyone take any cool pictures of their 4th of July doodles? At the moment I'm trying!!
  • loved the Dudley I do pictures....... haha
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Thank You

Just wanted to say thank you to Doodle Heaven for all you do for your puppies, the love and time you put into them when they are young, is very much appreciated. Murphy has been such a sweetheart from the very first day we got him, you could just tell that he came from a loving home:) It's great to know that he was so well taken care of before he found his forever home with us. Thanks again for making our experience an enjoyable one!!!Barb & Murphy

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A Simple Way to Help Doodle Kisses GROWWW!

I created a flyer last night that I will be posting at local pet stores and handing out to local groomers, vets, etc. Thought some of you might be interested in spreading the word about this fun website too. So I'm attaching the PDF file below. No pressure, but if you are so inclined, I'd love it if you printed one out and took it to your groomer or vet or elsewhere where other doodles might roam =)DoodleKissesFlyer.pdf

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