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                                             DOODLE IDOL 2011

After much deliberation and heated discussions, the four judges entrusted to handle this lofty challenge have arrived at their decision. Again, we looked at originality, difficulty, cuteness, success and funny. Although each video has some of each of the categories, the top three fit all 5 the most.

We did have several that were close for 3rd place and therefore have been given Honorable Mentions so that we can all applaud and enjoy them as well.

Drum roll please:

First place goes to JAZZ and JANE’S video: “She’s ½ retriever—so how many can she retrieve correctly.”

"This was certainly unanimous in that Jazz is one smart doodle! We certainly are in awe of the fact that all these toys are intact besides. Congratulations to a job well done."

Second Place goes to BELINDA STEVENS' STELLA for her video:  “ Removing lids from 5 bottles.”
"We also all agree that this would be very difficult. We know lots of doodles that could CHEW off lids, but not UNSCREW them! Good job Stella."


Third Place goes to jODI and STELLA, for her video; “ Stella’s Magnificent Feat.”

"Stella has Agility Dog Star written all over her!"


These were just too cute to not include. Our Honorable Mentions are as follows.
They are in alphabetical order according to dog’s names:


BUDDY FETCHES THE PAPER: "Love his enthusiasm"


"And the one that made us all laugh with the sheer cuteness of it..."


The first 3 place winners can email me privately with their addresses and your gifts will be mailed to you ASAP.  Thank you all for participating, Nina, F, Sandy and I all had fun viewing and discussing all the special doodle talent, Hope you all learned something about your doodle and posting videos' from this cute contest.

The Judges.

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Congratulations everyone!
Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who are all winners in my book!
Congratulations to all!
Congratulations to everyone!

Yeah to the winners!  Everyone did great and it was tons of fun for us to watch!

I so enjoyed watching all the videos!  Some smart doodles!!!  Congrats to everyone!
Congratulations, everyone!  What a talented group of doodles we have here on DK!
These were sooooo cute! couldn't see the last one tho!!!! Smart Doodles!
Congratulations!  They were all great!
Congrats, everyone!  Doodles RULE!

Oh My Doodle - Congrats to every single four legged star - I see I have my work cut out for me on next years Doodle Idol.


:-) Daisy says WOOF!

Thank you so much for this esteemed honor!



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