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Sheba was 8 months old when this was filmed.  She'd do about anything to play some Frisbee!  The video is a little grainy...sorry!  


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This is truly AWESOME!  Sheba is a PRO Frisbee retriever.  I love it.
Sheba is amazing! How in the world did she find that frisbee?
She has an amazing sniffer!
Is Sheba part bunny?  This is too cute.
Now that is skill! Way to go Sheba.
Thanks for the compliments everyone.  I was so amazed that even at 8 months she was able to find that Frisbee.  I'm glad she found it or we would have been out there looking too.  : )  I would have loved to submit another video to showcase some of her other talents but I put it off and ran out of time. : (
Yay!! Good job! Sheba!!!
I absolutely love this! It reminds me of our old lab shep x that used to chase butterflies in the wheat and she was so close in colour to the wheat!  She also used to jump and chase mice in the fields. Thanks for the fun and memories.



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