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As many of you know Jennifer has a lot of health issues. She has a deteriorating airway and her pulmonary artery is pressing on it. She is waiting for approval for a special surgery to try to help her. As she waits her breathing has become increasingly difficult. I saw on Facebook that she has been taken to the hospital by ambulance. Please pray for her. She is a gift of courage and hope as she give God glory for every good thing in her life every day. 

UPDATE 7/11/14


I was told yesterday there is a good chance the FDA is going to say no on my case......nothing with me changed, however it was brought to the surgeons attention that not every other option has been tried on me .therefore emergency exemption may not be granted .the tricky part is that the last option is not normally done in patients with CF, since My CF is not a normal CF the area becomes gray as to whether or not the benefit of trying it is worth the risk I don't know the answer.. The ICU is the hardest place to sleep.....only getting a few short hours here and there is taking its toll on me, and I am losing my ability to be rational. Yesterday my head went spinning somewhere stuff was still submitted to FDA but I am not expecting a miracle....... I may have to try more traditional options which wouldn't be a bad thing and still might not be...but I was told the other options wouldn't work well. way back when...... I am not myself...I am waiting to hear from FDA..and than from my surgeon as to what he will do. thank you for supporting and loving my family and I through this emotional and physical hell ride.

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Prayers always for Jennifer, I have never known anyone as strong as Jen, both in her will and her love of the Lord. Please God take good care of her.

Thank you, Lisa!

Jenn is an extraordinary brave woman and my prayers are always with her but especially now as her health has deteriorated to the point where this surgery is really crucial. Let us all pray for an easy journey and a succesful surgery. I will also keep her surgeon and the team looking after her in my prayers.

Thank you so much, Nicky.

Jennifer is being flown by air ambulance to Motts Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor MI where surgeons will determine if they can save her life by doing an experiential surgery. Waiting for emergency approval by the FDA.
Bonnie, thanks so much for keeping us apprised of Jennifer's situation. When I went to the donation page I was just blown away (but not surprised) by all of the love and support there and by how many people Jennifer has inspired.
I know there are hundreds who follow her on Facebook. She is inspiring for all of us. Her plane landed safely in Michigan.
Jennifer's surgery is scheduled for Friday! She held the airway in her hands that will be placed in her body. May God give her strength and guide the surgeons hands. Please pray!

I've been following her on FB.   I have never known anyone as inspiring and courageous as Jennifer. This is scary but I can't imagine a world without her.  I'm praying with all of you.

I agree, Cheryl
The FDA denied Jennifer's surgery. She is now exploring options with a doctor at Boston General. Please pray for her. This is too hard to imagine.

Heartbreaking news. Continued prayers for healing and guidance for Jennifer, her family, and her healthcare providers. 



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