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Please pray for Jennifer. She is in Colorado at National Jewish getting clearer diagnosis and hopefully some help for her breathing issues. Jenn has Cystic Fibrosis. Please pray for the doctors' wisdom and for hope and help for Jennifer. 

I know no one who inspires me more with her faith and her positive attitude under difficult circumstances. God can do anything! 

I posted a blog about her in case you haven't seen it.


Jennifer is having a really tough time but she is hanging in there. The doctors are helping her and trying to keep her comfortable. She was admitted into the hospital. Jennifer is finding it very difficult to talk. I will keep you posted if I hear any more but please pray for Jennifer and keep her in your thoughts.

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I was just thinking and wondering about her this morning! She is in my thoughts and prayers!!


While Jennifer was in the ER in Colorado they diagnosed her with liver cancer. She flew home the next morning. Her doctors in South Carolina have confirmed it is not cancer. There are spots on her liver due to steroids that she takes for her breathing issues.

The doctors at Jewish National have given her goals to try to reach to prepare her for surgery if that is the best option to improve her breathing. 

Thank you for praying Cathy. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update. I moved to Hawaii July 3 and it has been a little crazy here. 

Thank you Bonnie for the update. I'm relieved it is not liver cancer, but wow, she really needs a turn of good luck.
I hope you all are settling well into your new Hawaiiani Paradise!



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