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I have a 38 yo daughter with chronic daily migraines who lives with us because she has been disabled for almost 5 years with debilitating, excruciating migraines that are not helped by anything doctors have tried... even those at Stanford Headache Clinic. Last spring she had an emergency appendectomy and ACL surgery from a fall. Last week she had a horrendous gallbladder attack. 

On Sunday night our 4 yo grandson (our son's middle chid) was taken to the ER with what is not quite responding like an asthma attack or poisoning but the doctors were afraid his heart would stop or his breathing would stop. This week in addition to his precious child in the ER, our son's 4 week old baby has just had "failure to thrive" issues clear up, his employer had turmoil regarding a promised raise, they put an offer on a house to buy and lost it. His wife had severe ulcerative colitis and couldn't be in the hospital because her immune system is compromised by the medication she is on. Little Sam was released from the hospital today without a clear diagnosis but medications on board. 

This all sounds ridiculous as I write it out, but we need prayer. We praise God that he has intervened in every circumstance with his grace and love but we need to continue to hope in his power and compassion. We are all exhausted.

Please pray that the doctors will be able to clearly diagnose and treat Sam and our DD, Jennie. Thank you.


Sam, our 4 yo grandson, has had no recurrence of the emergency symptoms. We are so grateful to God. 

Jennie and I were in Hawaii for 12 days where she had migraines only the first two days and one during the week after missing a dip in the ocean the day before. That is unheard of except in Hawaii. 

Most exciting is that we found a house and our offer was accepted! We close mid-June. Jennie will move then and borrow a bed from a friend to use until our furniture arrives sometime in July. We have to stay behind because the dogs won't be allowed into Hawaii until July 5. It's so exciting! Seeing Jennie so well after being so incredibly bad is such a gift from God. The house is a dream come true. Truly another confirmation and gift from our Lord. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and concern. I am so grateful and humbled. 

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You know what's going on in my life anyway, Jenn.



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