if your dood was from Doodlequest, let's get together here and have a reunion!
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  • I just went to Kathy's website and saw Bailey and her two adorable pups that she had on Jan. 10!

  • Welcome Bailey and Caroline Eager!  How embarrassing that I started the group, and have been so absent from DK for so long, I didn't even know you had graced us with your presence in November.  Please forgive me! 

  • Our Bailey is three years old and from Doodlequest. We live in Louisville.  Bailey is about 14 lbs. and has wavy blonde hair that does not shed.  She has all the smarts of a poodle and all the affection of a golden.  She is a true homebody and her favorite thing to do is .... be with us!  We take her everywhere.  She is in heat and will be bred within days with either Snow or Kendi from Doodlequest.  We will have this, her second litter, again at home, and I will raise the pups until they are 7 weeks old.  The photo you see is two of the pups from her first litter.  ADORABLE.  Just like Bailey :)

  • Thanks for all the suggestions/recommendations. We did get a seat belt harness and are using it. I agree-it is necessary for everyone's safety.

    About food-Kathy sent him home on Purina Pro Plan for adult dogs. She said that it was OK for puppies but suggested we switch him to a puppy food asap. At first he didn't like the Solid Gold we got him but now he seems to be liking it just fine (other than not much appetite in the last few days-see below).

    On a down-note, our little guy was diagnosed with giardia yesterday. His bowels were getting worse & worse over the last 4-5 days (worse than what I would attribute to a change in food & stress) and they tested for parvo (does not have, thank goodness) and did a couple of tests on his feces and found the giardia. Yuck! But, at least we now know what it is and have meds to help. Not exactly sure where it could have come from, but we do live in the Pacific NW, so standing water is everywhere, but I've been very adamant about not letting him drink from puddles, etc so who knows where it came from. He had soft bowels since we got him, but I thought it was just stress from traveling & change in food. I feel bad for the little guy but other than diarrhea & a smaller appetite, he is full of energy, playful and your typical pup. He even gained 1/2 lb in the last 10 days (even with the giardia).

    Well, thanks again for the advice. I think things will all be OK. He'll be done with the antibiotic & Strongid on Friday and hopefully will be rid of the giardia.
  • Sugar was not a fan of Canidae, but I found Wellness brand and she has been a fan of that ever since. They have several varieties so if she gets tired of one flavor I just switch to another flavor and she has no ill effects from switching food.

    I highly recommend a seat belt harness and have had Sugar in one since she was a puppy. Now whenever I get it off of the hook, she gets excited and knows she is going on a trip. If God forbid the ever is an accident remember you may be belted in but your dog isn't and you could be the one hit by the flying dog. For your safety and for your pets get a seat belt harness.
  • Oh Yes.......if you are looking for a "Bible".....it was recommended to me to get the book at Petco called "Puppies for Dummies". It has INVALUABLE information in there, regarding potty training, bathing, feeding....etc. I still refer back to it for advice occasionally.
  • OMGhe is SO adorable!!!
    If you are going on a long road trip with Aure, I recommend highly getting one of those harness things that attaches to a seat belt. I hate to be graphic, but in the event of a collision, a dog can become like a missile, and usually will perish. All the pet stores sell them...Petco, Petsmart, Pet Supermarket, etc. I wouldn't get on the highway with Beau in the car without it. re the food, I kept Beau on the Canidae that Kathy probably still feeds, for an entire year. Then we branched out and tried a lot of them. Now, he has me so wrapped around hispaw I actually COOK for him LOL He usually gets a scoop of rice, some veggies (carrots, peas or limas are his faves....frozen), some of whatever protein I am eating (assuming it is dog-friendly), and a dog vitamin crumbled up. He rarely eats dog food nowadays, and the vet wants to kill me. I do believe I am doing the right thing by my dog, but I'm a little sorry I ever took him off the Canidae.

  • Well, it's been a busy week plus since our little guy arrived. We're working on potty-training and socialization mainly. He seems to be settling in OK other than some diarrhea/loose stools. I'm hoping it is due to the change in food ( I didn't do it gradually because he was ONLY eating what Kathy sent with him and leaving the puppy kibble so I quit giving him that pretty quickly. Other than that he is adorable, playful, energetic, lovey, and the most popular dog when we go anywhere in public with him (it takes a very long time to get through the pet store b/c everyone wants to pet him and know what kind of dog he is). Here is a pic from this weekend.

    Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying getting ready for the holidays. We are planning to drive to my parents' in Idaho (10+ hour drive) so wish us luck!!
  • Wish you could all have been here for Beau's party! Kathy has said that she wants to attend one of these parties.....maybe you could all be here when she does! That would be wonderful!
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My sweet Beau is three years old, and we live in Miami Beach, Florida.Every year around his birthday, I plan a doodle romp. I've attached a photo of each one. The first one was held on the beach in Surfside, and the last two have been at the dog park.Happy Holidays from the Doodle Romp of South Florida.jpg2007 Doodle Romp group photo.jpgMom Ell and Beau at the Doodle Romp 2008.jpg

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