For all doodles wich are living in Europe and have found their way to this great community to share their personal pics and stories!
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  • Hi everybody,

    My name is Wanda and I am a specialized Doodle groomer living in the Netherlands, giving grooming workshops to Doodle owners who would love to learn to groom their Doodle professionally, in a natural looking way, using the right equipment. Please have a look on my DoodleKisses page and join me on my Doodle Comfort FB page where you can download my E-Book "6 Secrets to keep your Doodle tangle free" for free. I would love to hear from you! xxx

  • Hi, I'm waiting for an F1 miniature Goldendoodle from Wentwood Labradoodles in the UK. I am not able to visit for another 2 months as i live in the south of France.

    Please message me if you have any experience with them. 


  • Hi everybody! I am from Belarus and have labradoodle F1 which I bought in Holland.  In my country my doodle the first and only dog of this breed. And  a few months, I've been living with him near  the holland Sittard ( German little village "Tüdern" ). But my aunt lives there permanently, and sometimes I leave it to your Nikki. It turns out that that my labradoode lives in two countries : Belarus and Germany :)

  • Looks like not many doodles from Europe have joined here recently. So here is Butz from Germany then. We live in Kleinmachnow near Berlin and our family is two humans, Butz and his mum Dina, cat Jerry and a bearded dragon called Pogo. Well, and a handful of fish in the garden pond.
  • Hi, I'm new to all this. I have a Doodle called Dylan aged 5 months. Driving me crazy at the moment with is biting. Any suggestions?
  • Thanks...yours is a doll as well!
  • hi just been looking at the photos of barney he is gorgeous. how could anyone do that to him. at least he now has someone who loves him.
  • Hi all! I'm new to the Europe group though not new to Europe. I'm an American expat who moved to London, England for a job, met a Londoner and now is seemingly here for life (not complaining as I love my job, my husband and my life in England). I am the proud owner of a rescue doodle who is a scruffy 3 yr old black boy named Barney. Like most doodles, he's such a sweetie as well as a bit crazy...but he was abused and not well socialized so he's learning how to play with other dogs, not pull on lead, not bark at dogs/people and to actually approach people and let them pet him. We love him to bits. That's it from me for now...more again later!
  • Hi! I'm new here :D I'll be picking up my doodle in 2 1/2 weeks!
  • hi to everyone out there. we are from newcastle upon tyne england. we have a 6 month old doodle she is called isla. she has just been spayed yesterday so she is feeling a bit under the weather at the moment. we love her to bits. can`t wait until she is back to her old self so we can go out for walks again looking forward to chatting to you out there. paul & christine.
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