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  • ...but it has to be done immediately when the growling occurs, just like potty training!  Waiting for 2 minutes, you lose the teaching moment!

  • Robin Richardson:  No....growling is not an option.  I am a positive trainer and believe in it, BUT....sometimes a doggie needs to be told "No" and not in uncertain terms.  If he were my  pup, when he growled I would take him by his collar and say in his face "KNOCK IT OFF". and remove him from the situation.  Give him a time out by putting him in another room if necessary.  When Ozzie was a pup, he growled at me when I tried to remove a toy that was dangerous for him.  He growled at me.  He got the above treatment and that was the end of the growling, period.

  • Presley, she should not be warning you or your husband as you are in charge of her not the other way round.  I am not an expert at all but it seems to me that dogs come to some maturity thing at about 2 and many aren't as accepting and also try to assert their dominance.  I would consult a trainer - even an on-line one to get their advice on handling the problem, before it might become a big problem.  Doggy Dan is an on-line trainer that many of us here on Doodlekisses have used. He uses videos so you can actually see what he wants you to do.

  • My 2 yr old doodle, Presley, has always let the grandchildren know when she’s had enough by growling at them, not showing teeth. In the last 6 months she has started doing the same with my husband and I if she’s laying down and we try to move her over. The other day I gave her some dodgy ice cream and she growled at me when I tried to take it. She’s never done that! Should I be worried?

  • Stephanie, WHERE is he at night? In your room? Run of the house? Crate?
  • 2 Years or 2 months? I assumed he was a pup.

  • How about a nice long walk before bed? That might tire out a pup and the humans. Are you crating him? Maybe try leaving a big stuffed kong in his crate for when he gets up. If he is very young, it might just be something he needs to outgrow. It's just like having a young baby in the house. Like LucyR, how old is he?

  • Hi Stephanie,  How old is your pup??

  • Pam, Monks of New Skete is not so popular anymore and not recommended by most trainers.  Please-no alpha rolls!!!!  You can do much better with other approaches.  There are new totally positive ways to train a puppy that do not utilize dominance and corrections.  I suggest googling Patricia McConnell.  She has a number of excellent dog training books.  The focus now on training puppies (and is a good one, IMO) is building a relationship with your dog in a positive way rather than drill drill drill with exercises.  Compulsive training is no longer well-regarded and may be harmful to your pup.  My favorite is Denize Fenzi of "the dog athlete".  She has a new book out now that focuses on how to build a relationship. Dog Sports Skills Book 1: Building Engagement and Relationship. She also has on-line classes that are excellent    We have worked personally with Denise and she is he best teacher/trainer we have ever had.  Karen Pryor and Ian Dunbar are also well-respected experts in dog-training and have published books.  Good luck with the pup. 

  • There is nothing wrong with spoiling our pups but giving them the right early guidance and training, in conjunction with love, will ensure they are the happy and well behaved adult dog that will love you back, forever. In the beginning they are blank slates and early training is very important for them to learn manners and how to get along in the world. They will respect you more with your direction than being allowed to rule to roost. Once they know the basics, of whichever method you choose, they will be happier. Congratulations of your new pup and remember, you have about a year of guidance ahead of you. 

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Colour of Nose Changed

Chloe used to have a big, black beautiful nose.  It has just in the last 5 months changed to a lighter shade of brown. I spoke to my vet about it on her check-up and she said that because Chloe likes to dig (she stuffs her ball under logs in the summer or under snow in the winter) it has 'damaged' the pigments and caused it to change.  She said her dog's nose is now pink because of this.   Has anyone else had this issue? What did your vet say about this?  Should I be concerned? 

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Leash Aggression At Times

Chloe is 2 1/2 years old and she has leash aggression. When we walk by another dog, doesn't matter what size the dog is, she tends to bark and lunge at the dog. If she is off leash she doesn't do it at all.  I make her sit down when I see someone coming towards us (when she is on leash) and try to keep her calm as they pass, but this doesn't always help.  Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions on how to change this?  I'd love to be able to walk past people with dogs and have no issues.…

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Not so nice to younger dogs

Just looking for some guidance/tips on how to handle this...Lloyd will turn 2 years old next March and is generally a great dog. He is exposed to a lot of different people and dogs at the dog park, at the occasional stay with a sitter and their dogs, and dog friends that visit our home. I've noticed a trend lately that if the dog is younger than he is, he will act dominant and attack (but subsequently not hurt) the poor puppy.For example, at the dog park, if the dog is younger than him and…

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Charlie is refusing to walk

I'm not sure if this is the correct group so please guide me to where I should post this if I'm not in the correct group lol.There's been a change in my dog the last few weeks. I recently started school again and three days a week I have to wake him up at 6am - a time he's not used to waking up at - and take him for a half hour walk before I start my day. I have noticed that ever since we are waking up early to walk, by the evening he's very tired; sometimes he doesn't even want his evening…

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