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Colour of Nose Changed

Chloe used to have a big, black beautiful nose.  It has just in the last 5 months changed to a lighter shade of brown. I spoke to my vet about it on her check-up and she said that because Chloe likes to dig (she stuffs her ball under logs in the summ

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Leash Aggression At Times

Chloe is 2 1/2 years old and she has leash aggression. When we walk by another dog, doesn't matter what size the dog is, she tends to bark and lunge at the dog. If she is off leash she doesn't do it at all.  I make her sit down when I see someone com

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Not so nice to younger dogs

Just looking for some guidance/tips on how to handle this...

Lloyd will turn 2 years old next March and is generally a great dog. He is exposed to a lot of different people and dogs at the dog park, at the occasional stay with a sitter and their dogs,

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Barking early morning

HI all - TGIF....

So, our 4 year old labradoodle, Fazzy, has always been really great at sleeping all night, unless he had an upset tummy and then he would bark to ask to be taken out during the night to potty.  In the past month or so, he has gotten

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At my wits end

I have been so depressed all day I don't even really know what to say.  First, I love my baby more than anything.  But unfortunately, we did not get a sweet, easy going doodle that everyone else has.  Whether Bentley was traumatized at the vet when h

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Agression/ Biting goldendoodle

Hi Everyone,

Im at a bit of a last resort here so any helpful insight is greatly appreciated! I have a 10 month old golden doodle male, Kingsley, who has been fixed.  Around five months old he started having aggression problems that consisted of him b

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