Anxiety Wrap

I met with a trainer today one to one with Willow. The trainer is a member of the APDT and is very good.

Because Willow goes into flight mode when she sees people, and hears a loud noise, the trainer wants us to use the Anxiety Wrap.  She has had great success with this product many times in the past.


Has anyone here use it before and..... if so....?

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  • Day 1 - Willow doesn't mind having the wrap on. However as a pup she wore a rain coat so she is already adjusted to wearing something. She looks comfortable in it and it fit's her well.


    Went for a walk to a very low stress area, saw 4 people and heard one loud noise.  I saw no difference in her level of confidence.

    • Hi Patti how is the wrap working now?  Molly is actually doing pretty good.  We have been click/treat training her to touch our hands palm facing up.  So now is someone offers her their palm she will touch them and sometimes she will even let them pet her under the chin and around the neck.  But if someone approaches her and reaches over her head to pet her she will bolt.  It's been some work but Molly is gaining confidence every day.  Molly sends hugs to Willow ♥

    • Mmmm... What do you mean by "level of her confidence"? Does she hide behind you? Try to run away? How about starting from your yard  and when she is calm, click and treat starting from few second interval? May be she is not ready to be confident in the public quite yet?
    • Yes, she has stranger danger, noise danger etc. She runs, or hides under something or behind me.

      She has been well socialized from the age of 10 weeks. Went everywhere with us.  Was always treated very softly and with love from everyone she met.  We, as experienced pet owners never overwhelmed her, never forced her, always gave her well being top priority.  


      But in all my 58 years, and with all the dogs we have had in our life, Labs, Australian Shepherds, Poodles, Jack Russell's, have never seen anything like this "fear" before.


      And we pray that this is just a stage, because if it not, we will never be able to go anywhere with her. We have always taken our pets with us on vacation etc., never placed them in a kennel while we were gone.


      We live 5 miles from town, so starting from home wouldn't work. 

      We are worried and this breaks our heart.  Her sister, litter mate, has the same issue.

    • Sooo, Willow is 6 months.... I am not a expert on dogs or training or anything like that... But I can tell you about my Charlie ( 2 & 1/2 ).... We got her at 7&1/2 weeks from a very small breeder ( They only had her mom and dad ). And I noticed some awkwardness when we went to puppy kindergarten. She looked as she wanted to play, yet was hesitent to go to the other puppies...She also resource guarded water bowl, and did not want to share with other puppies. We went to puppy social, dog park, all of that with her, took her everywhere. She was not as fearful as you describe Willow, but she was just awkward. When stranger wanted to pet her, she would bark and back off from people, hide behind me, and possibly peed.etc... was scared of people's trash can, tree stump, anything that was new to her. By then, I tought it was the fear stage, or some hormonal change happened after being srayed. But the dog trainer said that it is hard wired, meaning this is who and how she is, therefore I have to train her to become more confident about stuff. We did series of obedience since puppy K until now, so she can rely on me to ensure that things are OK and she does not have to be fearful. One of my concerns was that her fear is going to turn outward and become fear aggression. ( She will still bark and try to lunge at the dogs she does not know.. I am constantly working with her and seeking different way to teach her to feel secure..) I don't know how much of obedience training Willow have had, but I truly believe that if you can find the dog behaviorist / trainer to work obedience along with behavioral modification, that will be the best thing....
  • We got our Anxiety Wrap today... Wish us luck, I'll keep you updated on how it goes.
    • Oh. great!! keep us updated.


  • Quote from Willow's trainer. Just thought I would share this info.


    "The Anxiety Wrap is the original (and as far as I'm concerned better) product. 

    Feedback on the Thunder Shirt is that it works fairly well, but is made of heavier material and can be uncomfortably hot for the dog. 
    On the plus side, Thunder Shirt wraps around the dog and is held on with velcro closures, which is convenient for the person using it.
    On the negative side, I've heard the velcro stops working well after some time, 
    and if the dog is at all sensitive to sounds, the velcro "ripping" sound is problematic.
    Other trainers with whom I am in contact report it works less well than the advertising says.

    Anxiety Wrap is a light weight, breathable material, and I have personally seen it work wonders
    with at least 10 dogs. In fact, I just did a first visit with new clients yesterday and tried it on their 
    recently rescued 6-year-old German Shepherd. The dog is extremely anxious, though lovely and well trained. 
    After more than an hour working with them I suggested we try the wrap.
    Within 15 minutes of putting it on, she had calmed noticeably."

    • I would be curious to see the anxiety wrap. I don't think of the Thundershirt as a heavy material at all, and is very easy to use. The Velcro has been fine and we have never had a problem. I wondered if Melody would react to the Velcro. I would love to see the other and compare effectiveness. It sounds like they are both based on Temple Grandin's "swaddling" discovery, and for some animals is very effective.  I like the money back guarantee. It sounds like the anxiety wrap is good....I say whatever works!
  • Patti,

    Would love if you chronicled your sessoins with the trainer if you feel you would be willing to share.  There are a few of us here with dogs who suffer from Fight or Flight syndrome who so much need the support and help and infromation others are willing to share.

    Please join me in the Anxiety Group. I also have a post in there about my first experience with Flight vs. Fight syndrome with my dog last summer.

    It is always a work in progress. We have our ups and downs but the ups now are so great.

    Hope you will,

    Thanks Joanne


    Here is my old discussion.  I wrote a lot in those days but seem to slacked off.  We are back with training for the summe.  Today someone reached out and petted her when I had my eyes off the greeting for one second ( MY FAULT) but she did okay.  Shocked.  Yes it has taken months but ... you get there. Never perfect, but you get there.




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