Charlie is refusing to walk

I'm not sure if this is the correct group so please guide me to where I should post this if I'm not in the correct group lol.There's been a change in my dog the last few weeks. I recently started school again and three days a week I have to wake him up at 6am - a time he's not used to waking up at - and take him for a half hour walk before I start my day. I have noticed that ever since we are waking up early to walk, by the evening he's very tired; sometimes he doesn't even want his evening walk! He's a lot more quiet at night now and even wants to go to bed early (he waits by the basement door when he's ready to go to his cage).He's eating and drinking normally and he's not like this every single day but this morning, he refused to walk. We were not even half way down the street when he stopped and refused to continue walking. Also when we go for walks, if we start walking toward my house even if we are a block away but he knows the way home, he begins to pull soooo hard in a way that he's never done before; I can hardly hold him! I keep trying to make him sit and then start again but he will not stop pulling.This is all new behaviour. I'm not sure if he's just tired from being up so early or this is something new that comes with age (he's now 2 1/2 years old) but I'm so confused and worried because he usually loves his walks / chasing the ball and being out doors. He's become a lazy couch potato!!!!Help!(I attached a photo for your viewing pleasure :) )


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  • If this is a new behavior, I would be concerned also. I'd give it  more time in case it is just that Charlie needs to get used to your new schedule, but if it continues, I would take him to the vet for a check up.

  • Oh my!  First, check his feet, make sure the pads are ok and there's no hair balls between his toes, he could be uncomfortable.

    If that is not the problem, go to your pet store (or Amazon), buy one of the 'gentle leaders' and a 'no-pull harness'.  Keep in mind DOGS should do what their 'people' want!  Try that, when he goes forward, give him a treat, don't force him, let it seem it's his idea.  The time of day should not matter.

    When on walks, go PAST your house for a bit, then turn around or circle back, so he never knows when you are done with the walk.  Hopefully that will help some of the 'pulling'.

    Good LUCK!

  • Farley is only 14 weeks old but does the same thing.  He does not want to take his morning walk.  He constantly sits down and does not want to walk.  As soon as we turn around to head home he runs home.  He is not like this in his afternoon walk just his morning walk.  I am not sure why.

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