Foaming and flapping in the car (YUCK!)

I had posted a while back about Marley's carsickness so this is more of an update with new question...Marley seems to have no fear of the car.  She is excited when the doors are open and we are packing up.  She nevers runs away, barks or growls...BUT...when she knows she' s getting in she starts foaming and flapping (for lack of a better description)'s a very distinctive head flap that sprays drool EVREYWHERE!  She starts before we even get in the car...Now the only way to keep her from doing it is to open the windows and let her ride "Ace Ventura" style or stick her nose in a jar of peanut butter. My trainer thinks she definitely gets carsick (as in sick to her stomach not anxious sick) but i think this pre car and drivway drool is becoming a behavior or BAD started correcting her with "eh eh" and pushing her nose towards the window (as in "puke out there sister not IN THE CAR!)...she seems to get it and is happy as can be with her head hanging out...Sounds like I have things under control, right?  Well this is not the safest driving and I wish she'd just ride without the production and all the towels...I'd bring her everywhere I could ...please tell me she'll outgrow this or I can train it our of her!  Suggestions???


Sorry for the long psot!

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  • i DON'T KNOW... BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! TORI USED TO THROW UP IN THE CAR... NOW SHE POOPS IN THE CAR! I TRIED GETTING HER A "THUNDERSHIRT" - BUT THAT REALLY DIDN'T HELP MUCH, BUT.... I watched a video for training w/ dogs w/ anxiety .. very informative... start with the dog just walking outside the car.. treat, treat, treat.. then when she feels ok, days, weeks, later.. just have her go in and walk around or sit and treat again.... later go for rides up and down the driveway, then around the block, and continue as slowly as she needs until you can make it a further distances. I also heard of putting a high valued treat on the dashboard to keep her eyes forward to prevent queasiness... but Tori just zones out and won't look or even eat anything at all... Good luck! I feel your pain! Now if only I can find the time to follow my own words, I may have some luck!
  • I don't have any experiences on puppy car sick... But ths is what I found/
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