How to stop a Poop Eater!

I am looking for a natural solution to deter my Doodle from eating poop.  I go out daily and clean up behind him and his Golden sister, but it seems he still gets ahold of it.  I used to have a Golden male that would eat frozen poop...but Monty is not that particular.  Yuk!  

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  • Try giving him a half a banana in the morning and another half at night. It worked with Sprocket
    • Why would 1/2 banana in the AM and PM change a doodle's desire for poop?

  • They say meat tenderizer also works . Sprinkle it on their food first. It must have a nasty taste after digested.
    • That's MSG. Also the main ingredient in "Forbid". Has not worked for the people I know. :( 

  • You can buy a product  at the pet store to put in their food to make their stools taste bad ,sometimes it works,  just depends on the dog  and how determined he is to get at it.  

  • There are a few people here whose dogs have done this. Unfortunately, the only solution is to be out there with them at the time they poop, every time, to stop Monty from getting it and then remove it immediately. Correct him verbally every time he goes for it. Some dogs do grow out of this. 

    I know that Doris's Flash had this habit, and she tried all the food additives, enzymes, pineapple, MSG, Forbid, etc without success. 

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