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One of our 2 Doodles is a barker.  She barks at the mailman, the neighbors, loud noises, delivery trucks, fireworks and just about everything.  She just has so much to say!  We picked up a CD at the Pet Expo yesterday called Music My Pet.  Has anyone ever had any success with claming their barking Doodles with music composed for Pets?  We have the CD playing now and she will bark from time to time but then stops to listen to the music.  They have a Holiday CD also which we may try out for the Holidays.

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  • This is really interesting... I would have to check it out. Charlie used to sing whenever my son played the piano. Not only for the barking, but if it really relax them, I may play it on "repeat" while I am at work for her....
  • Here is another link to buy the CD:
  • How cool...a Pet Expo??? I want one to come here. The only thing we get is a dog show the weekend after the Westminister Dog Show and they have booths and vendors but mostly for grooming needs, show dog stuff and dog food/treats which I stay away from. I do enjoy the grooming stuff and I can get my scissors sharpened!!!
    • We have a pet expo twice a year in NJ (but I've been to San Diego and would rather live there). The expo coming up in February is very big. The one yesterday had the frisbee contest, the dancing goldens, lots of shelter dogs and cats,and many vendors. We checked out canin grass for our yard, and are contemplating having it installed in the spring. BTW, we love your page. How did you get the background bones on your page. We are new to DK and not especially computer savvy. Your Doodle is beautiful too!!!
  • I just got the CD yesterday and haven't tried it in conjunction with barking. I bought it because when I played a sample link on the computer Camus came over and laid down next to me. I turned the link off and he got up. After doing this several times I decided it may be a useful. We shall see!
  • WOW! I have been trying to get my doodle to stop barking at people walking by for about a year now.... never heard of that CD, but it's worth a try... What I DO know is that Tori just LOVES when the piano is playing.... she lays on the window sill and relaxes listening to the piano (we have a digital baby grand so it plays by itself). I can definitely see that CD working - if nothing else but to relax them. I'll be watching to see if it works! Good luck - perhaps you'll add that to your "things to be thankful for list" :O)
    • You can order the CD online. It's The composer uses instruments that are soothing no drums or horns), mostly piano. We humans even like listening to it! We went out for a couple of hours and left the Bose on playing the pet CD and our girls were pretty relaxed when we came home.
      Calm your pet with a classical music CD produced by award-winning composer, Tom Nazziola.
      Calm your pet with classical music by Music My Pet - Produced by award-winning composer, Tom Nazziola.
    • Shelly what have you been trying for the past year?
  • Doesn't your barker set the others off. That is our problem. One of our dogs barks at certain things and another at other things, but they all get into the act after the first starts. I hate barking....
    • Olivia didn't bark until she was 3 years old. We thought something was wrong with her. But, then suddendly one day when we had a realtor in the house, she showed us she could bark. Now, she joins in with Sydney and it's like stereo barking. But, Olivia's bark is easier to listen to. It's kind of cute. Sydney's bark is a bit nerve racking. The barking doesn't bother Kathy but it drvies me (Gail) nuts! The CD seems to help a bit. We will keep playing it over and over if that's what it takes.
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