My dog has turned into a brat.Help.

Ive posted this in other areas but i will try here too.My pug that's 8 years old and neutered.Has started to mark in bad places.He is marking in pet stores and even in my house.He has also become food possessive.I will give him a treat and then try to pet him while he is eating it and he growls and tries to bite me.He never done any of these things before i got my puppy.I think the puppy is driving him nuts and he is taking it out on me.The puppy bugs him a lot and they are always trying to out alpha each other.Now i think because Ozzy can't win with Dakota my puppy.He is trying to out alpha me.I always eat first,make them earn everything even toys,no people food or from the table.ect,ect.Does anyone know what could be going on here??

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  • At least I am not alone... just this spring my little 6 yr old Shipoo ( male ) and my 2 yr old LabraDoodle Cagney have been battling it out for who can mark the most everywhere..... I know it started in my house when Cagney was getting mad at us for not taking him with us and leaving him alone for a few hours in the mornings... he is not a happy camper when left alone... So far someone has always been with him in the last week or so, so it will be interesting to see if he has forgotten his nasty habit once and for all...... I hear your grief....
  • Hi Jared. :) Do you treat the two dogs as equals or do you treat the pug as the Alpha dog? Years ago my vet cautioned me about the importance of reaffirming and establishing the older dog's role as the leader of their little pack. He said you must always greet the older dog first when you come home, pet him first, feed him first, give him treats first, etc. And when the older dog "corrects" (snaps at) the younger dog you must never scold him for doing this or you will undermine his authority which causes confusion and can even eventually lead to a dog fight.

    Perhaps if you can help your pug reestablish his role as Dakota's superior you'll be able to reestablish your role as his superior and get some of these new bad habits under control. Good luck!  :)  

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