My Two Doodles bark at people

My two doodles bark at people from the inside of the house, does anyone have advice for them not to bark at the neighbors?  I do not want them to think the  neighbors are a threat t them. Thanks Kaitlyn 

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  • Huff does this too. They won't think the neighbors are a threat. It is just that they want to protect you, and no matter who passes in front of your house, they still want to protect you.:) If you explain this to the neighbors, it should be fine. If your doodles see them outside of your house, it most likely won't be considered a threat. Yay! for protective doodles!:)
  • Ditto. Max barks at our front windows also and there is no way to gate the area. And also goes nuts when someone rings the doorbell.
  • Dog + strangers = Bark....
  • I just read this on some random website:
    I think it is an uphill battle. I was thinking of picking up the les pooches everytime he barks at the mail carrier :-) I'd like him to discriminate a bit more.
    “You want a dog that will pick up on unusual things and then discriminate as to what’s unusual,” Hunthausen says. “Dogs that have been bred for territorial reactivity – Scottish terriers, Airedales and standard poodles – make good watchdogs, but so do many others.”
    Here is a interesting essay:
  • I felt this way too until my trainer said--LET THEM BARK a little. She actually complimented Spud who barked at her the other night when she had stopped petting him. ( yes, he barks at people IF they do not recognize him or stop petting him).

    Unless it is driving you crazy, and it is gotten out of hand, I see no reason in a dog communicating. Are your dogs growling? Angry? Aggressive? If not, why worry.

    I once heard a dog barks because the walker in the front of the house--Walks Away. Of course the dogs do not know that the walker, is just plain walking, In the dogs mind, It Barks--Then the people go away. So for them--it works!
  • Oh, Kaitlyn... I soooo wish I had the answers... Tori's been doing this for about 1 1/2 years... can't seem to break her of it. One trainer suggested gating her out of the rooms with the windows infront of my house.. It's an idea, but I would have gates all over, and she truly LOVES to sit on the windowsill and relax looking out. - BUT HER wants aside, she would do that when people come to my door as well, and at visitors when they come in... she goes crazy... so I'll be watching THIS VERY closely!
    • Multiply this by three, Shelly!!!!! Our Springer started this and he is just such an ADHD kind of guy. Now Ned AND Clancy go wild when someone comes to the door or goes by on the sidewalk next door or is in their backyard. I hate barking!!!!! I think if I had one dog, I might be able to improve the barking some, but one dog just sets the others off.
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