New Puppy with other Doods

I have just brought home a new labradoodle (about 9 weeks). He is very easy going. My other 2 goldendoodles are doing fairly well with him. They are out of sorts tho. Any suggestions?  They keep trying to jump and nip at him in a somewhat playful manner. One growls when the puppy comes near, which I find a little upsetting as he has never growled before. Do you think time is of the essence? 


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  • Hi Nina, I too have 3 dogs, the 2 newest are doodles.  It will take a few wks for EVERYONE in the household to adjust.  Adding that third dog is def different.  I think most of the growling, IMO is the pecking order thing, mainly saying, "this is my house, if you are gonna live here you WILL respect me" lol

    Once the pecking order is established and understood by all three of them, things will be great.  My oldest dog is a lab mix rescue Lucy who will be 9 this yr and is def my alpha. The hardest transition was for my first doodle Magnet,  to go from the submissive one or lowest man on the totem pole, to being alpha over the new doodle Smudge.  She is learning tho, slowly but surely not to let Smudge "walk all over her" lol  Lucy has never "hurt" either of the pups, but she def has put them in their place.  If the doodles are misbehaving or playing too rough with each other, all Lucy has to do is give them that look, and they stop whatever they were doing in respect.  I have yet to have a full fledge fight because everyone respects each others authority.  

    Give it time, everything will fall into place, they will adjust and they will be BFF.  Mine are ;)  We wish u the best

  • Nina, I can tell you that it took my 2.5yr old dood (Darwin) about a week or two to adjust to having the new puppy around. He seemed kind of "down-and-out", but recovered his normal happy personality after a while.  It's been about 10 weeks now, and they have established a new status quo, where there is a lot of playing, tug of war, wrestling, all accompanied by play growling.  They seem to really enjoy themselves, and that particular growl does not worry me at all.  Darwin also growls when the puppy comes to flop beside him on his mat, which is his territory, but nothing more than one of them leaving ever happens.  So I think you've got it right - time will definitely helpl.
  • Nina, you are brave. 2 is a handful:) I read on your page you are replacing as you empty too!!! Lose a kid, get a dog but I think I'll stop at! They all need time to assimilate.  Lucca was 2  and Ben was 8 when we brought Izzy home. Ben is the one that had the hardest time. Now they are great together. I know you know this but...keep a close eye on them. My concern (as I had with mine) was the size difference in the beginning. Puppy wants to play but a 75 lb dog is BIG:)

    As to growling, Lucca became more vocal with the growly sounds when Izzy came home. It's their way to establish territory. Lucca has a certain growl or sound when he plays with Izzy. When I hear a certain tone it's my cue to "give Lucca a break". Now, at a little more than 2 1/2 and Izzy almost 8 months...they have their own verbal language in talking to each other. It's wonderful to listen to.

    Enjoy every minute because they grow up fast too!!! Just like our human kids.

    • Thanks..I feel better now. I have been beating myself up about all this! I know it will take some time...I just want everyone to be happy!  Good advice on the totally happens when puppy gets in Jaxon's space. It threw me off I guess cause he's naturally so easy going.
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