Not so nice to younger dogs

Just looking for some guidance/tips on how to handle this...

Lloyd will turn 2 years old next March and is generally a great dog. He is exposed to a lot of different people and dogs at the dog park, at the occasional stay with a sitter and their dogs, and dog friends that visit our home. I've noticed a trend lately that if the dog is younger than he is, he will act dominant and attack (but subsequently not hurt) the poor puppy.

For example, at the dog park, if the dog is younger than him and trying to entice him to play/ chase him/ mess with him while he's playing with his ball, he gets very annoyed and will attack (again but not hurt). I assume he's just telling them that he's annoyed and this is normal? He doesn't seem to do this if the dog is an adult...or maybe the adults don't bother him like a puppy does?

Another example, our Aunt got a new puppy (6 month french bulldog) and Lloyd and the pup played great in the backyard. Lloyd was gentle with him while they wrestled and chased each other. Lloyd got muddy so I had him stay outside until I could wash his paws (maybe 10 minutes). Little pup wasn't muddy so he was allowed to come in. They both were inside, all was fine, and then I went to give them each a treat. Lloyd saw this and attacked the puppy like he thought he was going to steal his treat. Puppy was fine but scared and I sent Lloyd to his bed. I gave the puppy a treat to calm him. We then reintroduced them and thought all was fine. Lloyd started following the puppy around and then attacked him again for no reason. Lloyd sent to bed for good this time. Maybe he was jealous but I was upset he would do this.  I have given him treats with other dogs many, many times before and he did not attack them.



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