My dog CoCo acts quite aggressive at times. She is around 16 weeks old and has had 6 weeks of puppy basic training....but now refuses to do these things as requested. That is not my complaint though. She gets pretty rough by jumping at me with her front two legs while barking loudly and biting/nipping at my hands, my arm, or my sleeves for no reason. Does anyone know why she is acting this way? She doesn't act this way to my husband though.

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  • Wow, sounds like my Storm !  He would jump & bite me alot for the 1st 5 weeks of having him!  He seemed to get over excited whenever i would wipe his feet before coming into the house, that i had his favorite stuff toy tied to a rope and had to divert him with it every time!  My hands are back to normal now!  Me & my children are so glad that phase is over!  And Storm never did these things to my husband either.   I've read that dogs have a pecking order, and i think my husband he ranked above him, and me & my kids were below him!
  • I will tell you one thing that I have realized...doodles are high energy! We absolutely love CoCo but at 8 p.m. She is WILD! Can't wait until good weather.....well a little warmer up here would be nice....I need to burn off some of that energy!
  • I really appreciate all of these great answers. Thank you.
  • Great ideas, thanks. Btw, the bully sticks I bought smelled like sour milk when she chewed on them...are there other kinds that don't smell as bad on her breath and paws?
    • I get Buddy's odor free bully sticks from  They don't smell at all.  Only trouble is they are expensive for the time they last.  Buddy chews them up rather quickly.
    • Thank you....I could not stand the smelly ones..these would make a great special treat..
    • You can get odor free bully sticks, but of course, my doodles wanted the smelly, gross ones. I can't give them to my two any longer because they eat them so quickly, but for a while there they made my life so much easier.
  • I agree with Deborah...she is acting just like a puppy. I thought our Fudge should have been named Jaws. She did all the same behavior you are describing. Some of the books said to turn your back on them and then she would bite the back of our legs :) I would carry a toy with you and when she starts doing this, turn her attention to that toy and distract her. Bully sticks were my best friend at this age. I also made sure my two got naps....I still do.  Lots of time, when they are being the naughtiest, they are tired. Also, like Jane, I did the time outs in the crate as much for my sanity as to help Fudge..LOL.
  • I can remember when we were in Beginning obedience with our 2 girls I was complaining to the trainer one evening that when we get home from class (usually around 8:00 - 8:30 in the evening) that our 2 turned into little Monsters.  She explained that they were basically Toddlers, and that they were behaving like overtired Toddlers .... she said "what do you do with a Toddler when it is overtired?"  You put it to bed!  Puppy might just need a little quiet time in its crate for a little nap.  Obviously it is still very much a puppy and puppies do get a little crazy sometimes, but they do also needs more sleep than we would think.  The good news is that within a month or 2 at the most those puppy teeth should be falling out so these crazy times won't be quite so bad.
    • Yes she acts like this at night....about 7 p.m. Is the usual time. I do know she needs more activity....we need better weather up here in Central New York.then walks and outdoor play will happen.
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