Strange behavior with toy

I have a 10 month old doodle that carries around a specific toy and cries when she is carrying it around.  She has never tried to chew up this toy as she has done with her others.  She also takes this toy to her bed when she is ready to go to sleep for the night.  It's kinda cute but I was wondering if anyone else has a doodle that does this.

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  • Here's Chloe with her "baby"


  • Nope, my guys don't carry any toys around....they just eat them.
  • Darwin doesn't do this, but he does have a funny habit with stuffies. He'll treat them kindly for a few days, carrying them around gently and laying on them. Then his naughty side comes out and he will slowly start to destroy it. A tail here, a leg there... until it's just rags. We stopped buying them for him... for economical reasons. LOL.
    • Most of Malibu and Willow's stuffed animals get destroyed eventually too, but first we do at least 5 rounds of surgery on them with the duct tape, works great. I get new stuffed animals at the thrift or goodwill store for less than a dollar a piece. It must be quite the scene with me trying them out by pulling hard on their arms and legs and checking to see how easily they can be pulled apart or not. lol
    • LOL.....we do surgery on all the stuffed animals except the "lovies". Most of his other ones have either no nose, tail, eyes, arms. We had a headless bunny for quite awhile!!!
  • This is Lucca suckling one of his "babies":) You can also hear my daughter being appalled that I put a "Doodle on Board" license plate holder on my car!! She'll never ask to drive it again!!! Yay!!

    • that is so adorable. He's looking almost guilty doing it.... but he sure is happy.
  • Jack's the only dog I've ever had who didn't do that!
  • I have two toy poodles and one of them will carry a toy duck around and cry! Especially after eating, he makes his rounds threw the house carrying his duck crying....funny-funny! Both of them "sleep" with their ducks in their mouth!! Kinda funny watching them doze off with their ducks!!

    Gracie 008.JPG

    Gracie in the Pool.jpg

  • Yes! Gaston-Cramer does this with his "Bunny". He had "Monkey" for the longest time (I think there's a photo of him as a baby on my page with Monkey)....then it was "Puppy" it's "Bunny". He is reverent with his animal- of- the -month and just holds them in his mouth and wraps his paws around them and goes into a trance like sleep. He doesn't make any noise's just a very sweet "this is mine" type hold. Here's a perfect example of him with "Bunny" from the other night. Rosie doesn't do this but she loves nothing more than to try to snag GC's lovey from him whenever she can! LOL She's such a little stinker! LOL (she's the one who made the whole that you see in Bunny in the pic!)

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