Sweet by day, Cujo by night

Buster is 3 months old, and in many ways he's a wonderful dog. But at night it's like someone wound him up. He's hyper, mouthy (I have the cuts on my hands and arms to prove it) and just can't settle down. It's been raining almost non-stop, so evening walks aren't happening, which I know would help. Also we've just decided we're not ok with him being on the couch (directly related to his "your body is my chew toy" behavior) and that's amped him up even more. 


We're tried:


1. Redirecting his chewing onto toys or bones (works for a minute or two)

2. Spray of water when he won't stop chewing (works for a minute or two)

3. Putting him outside (but it's cold and rainy -- don't like this)

4. Putting him in his kennel (don't like to do this till bedtime)


Any ideas, or do we just stay the course and ride it out? I also posted this in the Puppy Madness group. With appreciation...

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  • oops

  • We have tried putting Lexie (12 weeks) on a lead and all she does is chew it.  Any ideas?

  • keep him on a lead at all times, put the lead on a table or chair leg so he can be near you.  Allow him complete access to you whenever possible but the second that he jumps on you scratches you or nips you, don't say a word- avert your gaze so that you aren't looking at him (huge disappointment to a dog occurs when you quit looking at them) stand up and walk out of the room.  Return when he is calm. You might have to do it 100 times the first week- but I absolutely guarantee you that it will work.
  • I responded to this in Puppy Madness but in case it helps someone here who might only read THIS group....here it is again:


    It's VERY typical for dogs to get amped up in the evening. Mine do their MOST and loudest wrestling about the time we sit down to watch TV 8pm-ish.  THAT is when they decide it's time to act like lunatics and pretend the house is a raceway. Then they start to wind down after 9pm (rough time estimates) and crash by 10pm.  So KNOW that the increased energy and feisty behavior is NORMAL in the evening.  Of course you don't want the feisty behavior to be biting on you.


    As far as what works for only a minute or two...I think the main thing to remember is that at 3 months their attention span is SHORT.  So they'll forget or try again.  You just have to pick a response that stops them and be consistent in ALWAYS giving that SAME response each and every time.  In other words, don't expect the redirection to 'cure' him of the behavior. Redirection is just that...redirecting them onto something else. You might have to do that a few dozen times over the course of an evening.  But even a 'punishment' like spray of water would need to be repeated consistently.  If after you've done THE SAME thing (punishment wise) for at least a week, CONSISTENTLY, and it still gives no results...then and only then would I recommend you decide it 'doesn't work'. 


    Finally, I don't think there is a thing wrong with crating when you've had enough.  I crate for whatever reason I feel like crating.  Sometimes because Boca won't heed a 'quiet' and continues barking at something. Sometimes because I have to hop in the shower and nobody is around to watch her.  Sometimes because nobody is home.  Sometimes because she's being spastic and I need peace and quiet.  Sometimes I do it before training to get her revved up to work and after training to give her some cool down thinking time. 


    Crating when you've had enough isn't going to make the crate a bad place.  You don't have to make a huge deal out of it or yell at the dog to convince him he was bad.  Just say something like "that's enough" and usher him to his crate and relax knowing Cujo is safe and not biting you.

  • It sounds like Buster may not be getting enough structured exercise; walks and "putting him out in the yard" may not be enough. You may want to look into a puppy play group or daycare a couple of times a week, or try playing with him in the yard when weather permits, or indoors when it doesn't. A tired dog is a good dog.

    At three months, he also needs to be in a training program. That will help you learn to redirect his energy and handle some of these issues. Training also helps build a bond and develops communication between you and your puppy. He needs to learn what is expected of him, and what he can expect from you. Training sessions also can help to wear a dog out, the mental stimulation helps a lot!

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