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Timid Doodle

I have a beautiful doodle who is scared of her own shadow and I don't know what to do about it. I got her when she was 14 weeks old and she had very little socialization so she came to us with this timid behavior but I thought I could fix it with lot

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Panic Attack Question


If we unavoidably & unexpectedly fine ourselves in an extremely noisy crowded place and Willow goes into a full flipped-out-panic as happened yesterday, should I pick her up and carry her out or force/drag her through to the other side?


 If there wa

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Anxiety Wrap

I met with a trainer today one to one with Willow. The trainer is a member of the APDT and is very good.

Because Willow goes into flight mode when she sees people, and hears a loud noise, the trainer wants us to use the Anxiety Wrap.  She has had grea

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New Puppy with other Doods

I have just brought home a new labradoodle (about 9 weeks). He is very easy going. My other 2 goldendoodles are doing fairly well with him. They are out of sorts tho. Any suggestions?  They keep trying to jump and nip at him in a somewhat playful man

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Fear of water

My female and male doodles are fear of water. I would like to know how do you train them properly not to be afarid of water?  When I bathe them last summer my male doodle shook the most than my female doodle. Thanks Kaitlyn

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Molly is very timid

Molly will be turning 4 months old in a couple of days.  She is very wary of new people & even people she has met before but is not around constantly.  When we walk her into anyplace different she balks on her leash and we almost have to drag her in,

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