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Music My Pet

One of our 2 Doodles is a barker.  She barks at the mailman, the neighbors, loud noises, delivery trucks, fireworks and just about everything.  She just has so much to say!  We picked up a CD at the Pet Expo yesterday called Music My Pet.  Has anyone

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Agression with tendon chew

Let me start by saying Hudson is 4 months old and is fairly submissive other than regular puppy nipping/jumping. I practice things to avoid food aggression such as taking his food while he is eating for a minute, touching the food in his bowl, taking

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Resource Guarding

We have a 15 week old Goldendoodle, whom we've grown to love.  He has an issue with resource guarding which has a VERY concerned (does this with yummy treats, but also with other non food objects (worse with food objects).  His food bowl isn't an iss

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