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I am fostering Puppers (now Lettie) in Atlanta, Georgia.  I picked her up from Blackwood Doodles when he/they went bankrupt and I'm trying to learn all I can about her.  I am fostering through Doodlerescuecollective, Inc.  We also have Ruroux, Jasmine, Sophie (5 females in all so I am forgetting someone) and Rusty the only male.

We are interested in trying to find out how old our dogs are and how your dogs are.  Thanks for any responses. 

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Hi Deborah,

I have 3 dogs from Jersey Doodles/Blackwood Goldendoodles. One of them is Jasmine's littermate sister. She is 4 years old. Her name is Ruby (formerly Sandy) I got her from John a few days before the rest of them went to DRC. I also have Jasmine and Ruby's mother, Robyn, she will be 10 in May. I've had her for 4 years. Jasmine and Ruby/Sandy were from her last litter. The pups were born in September 2009 and I got Robyn in December 2009. I also have a male named Blaze, he will be 6 in May. The DRC has Roo Roux Baby (her mother was named Roo Roux), Puppers, Jasmine, Sophia and Loren. Carolina Poodle Rescue has Rusty, Peaches, Big Girl and Squeaky. All the double doodles from Jersey Doodles/Blackwood GoldenDoodles were  fathered by Julius.

I have a Julius and Puppers pup. He just turned a year old. We love him! Very smart! He is 70#, dark red, and looks more like an Irish setter. ;) Awesome personality!



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