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3 ~ 14 week old Dreamweaver puppies! They are so precious and fun at this age.

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  • Lora, great picture you have up of the new little babes! I have to tell you those puppies are delicious!! Carmels and Chocolates... Wow! I need a cup of coffee to go with those sweets. But that's what I get for looking at puppy pictures at breakfast time. Have a wonderful day :) Haha I just noticed that you said bunny was a Parit! Can I join the Parti group, lol? Isn't it a hoot what you will find on the side of the road? (just what I needed right?) This is a testament to the doodle temperament.... they hunters right? Nope, with little Foofoo (or Bunbun my kids say)...like one of their own and have been so gentle, Brianna will lay down by the xpen and watch, so cute. Duncan is more inquisitive but will just give her a gentle sniff and is more interested in the food and toys in the area.

    Keep those baby pictures coming, we LOVE seeing them and watching them grow!! and I always need more coffee to go with the sweets.....
  • Congratulations! Any Pictures of these precious Spring babes? Gotta give us doodle moms a look see, we love puppy pictures :) Tell Cindy Happy Easter from us too please! oh, also Brianna passed her CGC with flying colors, and she was just so happy doing so. Made everyone in the class smile. She is such a sweety dear.
  • Oops sorry the pic is so big...guess it was a big wish to everyone :)
  • Happy Birthday my sweet little Brianna and Happy Happy Bogey!! They are 2 years old today!!

    Thank you Dorothy and Lora, we had so much fun yesterday with a houseful of family. Pond skating, tons of food, and loads of love and presents to give the b-day doodles . (Sit/Stay was happy with me this round). Here they are with me in the kitchen just about to set out dinner...so I grabbed the camera and got only ONE shot then my camera died.... I so need to stock up on batteries,..well we did not get photos of the whole crew or any of the holiday decorations whahhhh! but we where all together and that is what matters most!!

  • Happy Birthday to Brianna and Bogey. Also Happy Birthday to their littermates, Bella, Duke and Pogo. Give Duncan a big hug from me.
  • haha, you bet I will!! Try and stop me! Bogey will be here tomorrow with my inlaws, and we will celebrate a day early! Brianna and Bogey can not forget Bella (Laura is she with you?) and Pogo our wonderful littermates/Birthday Doodles! (we have to get Paula to joing our group)

    (help with this one though Lora..Cindy's Jeff has, hmmm was it Duke !?!)
  • Oh Lora, I just popped by the group and oh my the puppies above are sooooo unbelievably precious!! Are they girls or boys? Well, I know now I will not be able to come out to ski Mt Baker...those three would be in my luggage toooo fast.
  • Thank so much for starting this group! We brought home our wonderful Brianna a bit over a year ago and she is such a joy, love, happy, funny, sweet, and sensitive. She is so loved by family, friends and anywhere we go..she touches hearts with her playful/ sweet ways..tomorrow we attend the first of a four week class where at the end she will be cert. for Pet Assisted Therepy. At our evel. Brianna seemed to be soooo happy doing this work, she brought all there at the facility so many smiles. Thanks so much Cindy and Lora for this wonderful little girl.
  • Hi Lora, Thank you for the invitation to join the group. I am delighted to accept.
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