Introduce SC doodle owners.

I'm Jeanie... from Lexington, SC.. just west of Cola, SC a few miles. Hubby, David, and I are proud parents of Beacon (14 mos) who came to us from Moss Creek McDoodles in Fla last Aug (07) after we'd lost our 3 dogs over the past couple of years and had recently buried my mother. SHortly after Beacon's arrival, my Dad also died, so Beacon has become my personal therapy dog. He's an English Goldendoodle... F1B.. and the sweetest, most gentle dog EVER!We also have 4 adult children (30, 27, 24, 22) and a 14 mos old granddaughter who adores Beacon. Another granddaughter is due in Dec.'Would love to meet other SC doodle owners and maybe get together for a play date in the area.... as scheduling allows. I work 3 days a week as a registered nurse at Lex Med Center.Jeanie

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  • Hi, My name is Debbie from Pomaria, SC. Jeanie you might know where that is, it is in Newberry County just northwest of Columbia. We moved here six months ago from Bluffton just outside of Hilton Head Island, We think that Cotton likes it here much better because she can run and run and run in our big back yard. Cotton is a Labradoodle from Southern Charm Labradoodles in Loganville GA. She is one year and almost one month old. She has an older doggie sister, a Boykin Spaniel, named Abby and since moving here we have gotten a little brother and sister. They are Cocker spaniels named Layla and Bosco. Cotton loves to run and have them chase her. She too has such a sweet disposition. She has never met a stranger and everyone that meets her wants to take her home with them. Can to tell we are absolutely crazy about her? She is a big girl and when she was small she wouldn't sit in a lap for anything. Now at about 50 pounds she thinks she's a lap dog. Go figure.
  • Hi Jeanie, I live in the Myrtle Beach area. We have a 10 week old labradoodle named Lily. If there is ever anything in the Lexington area, we would possible make a road trip.... Or someday maybe have something around here? Do you ever travel to this neck of the woods? We got Lily from Southern Charm Labradoodles near Atlanta. She is a small medium. My husband travels a fair amount and it is great having such a fun dog around... Lily is definitely a personal therapy dog in training! In addition to Lily and my sometimes absent husband, I have two daughters, 12 and 16.

    • Hey Margo. We go to Hilton Head for our annual beach vacations. There are a couple of dog parks in our area, however, so maybe there will be a Doodle Romp of some kind in Columbia. I know what you mean about these doodles being personal Therapy dogs. Beacon is definitely my love-bug. I'm sure you and your girls are totally in love with Lily! I remember when we first got Beacon at 10 weeks old. He was so little then. Now he's 51 pounds @ 14 months old.

      I'm sure your life is quite full these days with teenage daughters and a puppy.. 'Good to meet you through the forum..'Maybe we'll meet in person one day. There is also a Doodles from the South group... (I think I have that correct).. that I joined. I think it's a little smaller. Did you join it, too?
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