Microchips and your Doodle

I recently just had Stella spayed. While she was under I also had her “microchipped”. I was wondering how many doodles here have been chipped? Has anyone lost their dog and needed Home Again’s service? Do you think it can stop the theft of your doodle? Do you think that microchipping is an invasion of your doodle privacy? Just kidding on that one. Anyway, does anyone have any feed back on this subject?

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  • We had both our dogs chipped when they were neutered. My vet scanned them afterwards to show us how it worked. He said most vets have a scanner, as do most Police dog units.

    For $15 how do you not do it after paying over $1000 for the dog? Hopefully, we'll never test it.
  • My dog is microchipped and I feel so much safer knowing that he is because if his collar ever came off for some reason and he ran away he still has his microchip with my address on it.
  • HI!

    I did just the same .. when Bear was fixed last month, I also had him microchipped. Funny you should ask about that! I saw something on the Today Show not very long ago. It was about a dog that made its way home after FIVE years. It was mircrochipped:-)) Check out the link to read about the story .. its pretty unbelievable!!! Thanks to the microchip, the dog was reunited with its family. Yes, it took 5 long years .. but better late than never:-)

    Here's that link:

    I've often wondered myself how effective it is with theft. It's great if someone honest finds your pet and notifies a shelter. In the event of theft .. it may be a little more difficult. In any case, I think its a wonderful idea! Only wish they could do something like that for children:-)) Well, I think its well worth it .. some chance is better than NO chance at all of having our beloved pets reunited with us! Hopefully we will not need it .. if we do, it could be just the thing that leads them back to us! I'm so glad I did it:-)
  • I just learned something interesting about the chips in a pet first aid and CPR class this past weekend. Appearently they can move. Sort of migrate around some how. The instructors said that its a good idea to have your vet check it occassionally.
    • Yes! There is a doodle owner I know who went to get scanned (as a precautionary measure) and there was NO microchip--it had pretty much migrated out they thought!
    • What they recommended is to check their whole body. It might be in a different location. A girl from one of our local shelters said that she runs the scanner all over just to be safe.
  • I got Roscoe chipped when he was neutered. It was inexpensive and it is an insurance policy for your pet being lost, although not for being stolen.

    I didn't know there were lots of different companies, but I bet if there are, the chips have the same electronics that any scanner can find them. Otherwise what would be the benefit? I've never heard a vet talk about any different microchipping companies either.
  • I rec'd my doodle from Trina's Doodles and all her puppies are microchipped. I think it is a great idea. I was suprised though to find out that the tools the local shelters need to read the chips are expensive (at least that is what they told me???). My local shelter doesn't even have one, which kind of bums me out.... I'm not sure if any other people have found this out?? The woman at the shelter told me they need so many other items first. I had hoped to try and work something out to earn money for them with my Girl Scout troop, but never got the chance yet.
    • I will check into this at my local shelters too. I had no idea. It would be great to come up with some idea for a benifit that would make it possible for all shelters to have one.
  • We had Boomer & Shayna chipped at Petco $25 each including registration. Fortunately we have never had to find out if it works. We will have Mariner chipped soon. I think it is a cheap insurance policy. The other day Shayna's collar broke and fell off (she was in the house)- I didn't get panicked because I knew she was chipped so if she did get away she could be identified. I don't think anything will stop the theft of our pets, but the chipping will help us get them back if found.
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