• I am looking for  doodle owners in matawan/aberdeen [central nj areas ] who would like to have doodles get together.... I have nice-safe good  sized yard - and a energetic, very  friendly 2 year old male doodle, who love other dogs esp doodles--

    any one interested please email me....

    thank you Rich

  • This group looks like it hasn't had action in awhile but figured I'd try -- We live in Sussex County, NJ. Looking for a breeder -- anyone have any recommendations? TIA!

  •  We are in Binghamton NY with our 4 month old "pecks bad boy"  Im Kidding , cept he's into every thing....Name is Charley

     anyone else close by. Would love to romp.... & willing to travel...


  • Hi all,

    I'm Valerie from Kenilworth, NJ and have a 7 month old Australian Labradoodle Sydney! She is the love of my life. Looking for people in my area for playtimes!


  • Hey, North East Jersey Doodlers - Check out the EVENTS Calendar

    Second Annual Fall Doodle Romp on Sandy Hook

    October 4th, Noon - Meet on North Beach
  • There is a grooming show at the NJ Convention Center in Somerset
    April 16-19

    Our Doodles are not invited but I am going to check out groomers and supplies. If anyone is interested in meeting to walk the show together, let me know. Maybe if we go as a group we can actually find a groomer who will groom our furkids the way we want.

    this is the site for more information
  • Posting this for Adrienne & Samantha:
    We are always looking for stores, restaurants, parks that are dog friendly. She meant to post in this thread...see link below:

    Her question pertains to NJ only I believe.
  • Hi - I am Marcy and Cocoa, my 15 week old Goldendoodle and I are in Chatham (Morris County). She plays with a group of local dogs every morning and it is great to get out some of that puppy energy! She has a good long sleep after that outing. I would love to find some local doodle friends for an afternoon romp now and then. It seems to be much better exercise than just a walk - however long, and she loses interest in chasing balls, etc. after a while (and just starts to eat dirt, snow, sticks - whatever!). We have a large open area here which is great for dogs to run off leash - when there are a few of them they tend not to wander and it is quite quiet from the car perspective. We would also be happy to meet up anywhere nearby. Stay warm!
  • I live in Kinnelon and am actively looking to adopt an adult Doodle! Know anyone?? Amy S.
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