• Happy Anniversary to East Coast doodles! We doodlers in CT. look like slackers compared to our east coast compatriots! Let's do a romp, maybe in June? I'm in the northwest corner, which is off the beaten path, but we'd travel. Suggestions? Ideas? Talk amongst yourselves, as Linda Richmond on SNL would say!
    • Hi Kath, If you want the above message to go to all the East Coast Doodle Group, you have to leave it on the main page or come put it in the Happy Birthday Discussion. All these separate states groups may not be visited by everyone. Thanks for the anniversary wishes.
  • Anyone out there in the Litchfield County (northwest corner) are of CT.? I have an 11 week Chocodoodle, Tully, who misses his litter mates and would love to meet some new friends. I'd love to meet some fellow owners in the are before the weather makes it too difficult to romp outside!
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