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I'd love to know where everyone got their doodle. It would be great if there were some siblings out there. Stella came from Old Mill Doodles in Staunton Virginia. Her father was Kane a gorgeous apricot poodle and her mother Kandy was the golden retriever.


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  • Hershey is from Old Mill Doodles, in Staunton, VA His mother is Delilah, a Chocolate Lab and dad is Chase, a Chocolate Standard Poodle.
  • One of my dogs is from Whispering Winds in Washington state and one is from Royal Diamond in California.
  • Riley is from Just a Walk Home Kennel in Garretsville OH. His parents are Jazzy and Kaluha.
  • I love that you started this topic as I've often wondered where Ollie's brothers wound up. I got Oliver from a wonderful breeder at Barleycroft Kennels in Oxford, Pa. Pansy and Friday were the proud parents.
  • I would love to find litter mates of my doodles.

    We got Jersey from Barleycroft Kennels in Oxford, PA. She was born Nov 30, 2005.

    Crosby was born Sept 11, 2007 and we got him from McKenzies Doodles in Winchester, Va.
  • We got Dexter from Delaware Doodles. We've met 2 of his sibblings who are with a local family :) We got Kirby as a rehome, but I know he was born at Creekside Doodles in Rush NY.
  • We got both Fenway & Zizou from Timshell Farm in Tx.
    Fenway's parent's were Max (poodle sire) and Finn (doodle mom). DOB 7/3/05.
    I can't recall Zizou's parents, but he was a mini-medium cross-back, DOB 12/23/06.
  • Hi Belinda. My F1 mini-goldendoodle, Angus is 1 yr. old and came from the Paw Pad in Deer Creek, IL (Christine Phillips). I would get another one of her dogs in a heartbeat.
  • Belinda, I have just discovered this website and also just discovered that we have Stella's sisters!
    Morgan and Maddie were also born 11/13 to Kandy and Kane from Old Mill Doodles!! I have often wondered where their siblings were and if any were here in Richmond! How exciting!!
    We will have to get them together!
  • Hi - we got Barney right here in Jackson, NJ. I believe that he was actually bred somewhere in PA but not sure exactly where. Anyone else get their pup from the Scala's in Jackson. Would love to talk to you - and see if were relatives.....
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