• Hey,

    We are in Baltimore (Federal Hill) area.

  • Thank you all for responding to our post.  We will be excited to join in on some romps.  I have yet to get to Annapolis dog beach yet, but soon.  Both my boys are swimmers!!  I will need to give Colter his summer groom before he hits the water.


    My boys and I are looking forward to meeting up with all of you.  I'll check out the Annapolis group, too.


    Have a great Saturday!!



  • Welcome Loril! We live in Calverton. We spend our weekends March -November in St Marys.

    Joe, thanks for the link; Naptown might work for us on the weekends too.
  • Hi Lori. Welcome to Maryland. Where in the Bowie area are you? Your just up the road from us. We're down in Waldorf. Your definatly in the right place if you want to meet up with doodle owners. There's a huge Annapolis group that has romps every month. Check out their website.( Keep an eye on the events page. There's romps in the Northern Virginia area a lot also. 
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