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I'd love to know where everyone got their doodle. It would be great if there were some siblings out there. Stella came from Old Mill Doodles in Staunton Virginia. Her father was Kane a gorgeous apricot poodle and her mother Kandy was the golden retriever.

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We got Jango from Little Mountain Doodles in Myersville, PA. His dad is a whilte poodle named Puddles and his mom is a goldendoodle named Daffe.
Ziggy is also from Lil Mtn Doodles. His Mom is Emma, but Jango & Ziggy share the same Dad. We've been very pleased. We keep in touch with Bobbie and she hopes to come to our next doodle romp here in the fall. Nice to meet ya! Lisa (Ziggy & Marley)
Too cool. We got to play with Emma for a little bit when we went to get Jango. My boys wanted to bring her home instead of our new puppy.
Hi, Belinda!! Well, Rusty's not related, I don't think...but he's from Virginia, also. He's from GlenEden, and I'm kicking myself because I can't find his papers. I know there are lots of GlenEden doodles on the forums, and it would be fun to trace connections. I never found litter mates, but when he was younger, and I HAD his papers, we found & met a half-sibling. That was a very cool experience. We had a "family reunion" at my house, and months later, at a very crowded romp, the two found each other & stuck together the whole day!! Good luck with your search, Belinda!!

My Doodle is from Glen Eden also. Technically Becky Hahn ( west Friendship MD), but the breeder was her mother-in -law, Judy Hahn of Glen Eden. Apricot Poodle is the Dad - and a Golden is the Mom - I am curious - Koji has bad allergies - and also very poor digestion. He is WONDERFUL, but I really have always had the feeling that his Mom was not a truly healthy dog. He had VERY bad worms, that took some time to clear. I've spent a fortune trying to find things that work for him. good news is we are making progress. I had left messages to Becky and Judy - nice ones - asking if anyone else from his litter /line had these problems - and did they discover a regimen that one responded. Didn't leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

I went to Becky - when I fell in love with Koji's half brother...and asked them where he came from and that is how I got to Becky. But I wonder if I should have checked them all outmore carefully. what are your thoughts?
Hi, Nancy!!!! I don't know why, but I don't remember ever seeing this post to me!! Shouldn't it have ended-up in my email box, even if I wasn't on the site? I'm really sorry. I would have answered.
I saw it today, because yesterday was Rusty's 6th birthday, and I'm posting & skimming the sites to "celebrate", but also to see if I find any litter-mates.
Rusty is a very healthy boy. I know a lot of this is luck. I've had both bred dogs & rescues in the past, and Rusty is the most problem-free health-wise of them all. I'm counting my blessings. I lost his papers, but his mom was a golden, I think named Jennifer something....and I can't remember the name of his standard poodle "dad"...though I remember he was a ribbon winner.
I have had to switch to grain free diet for my Abby, who has had terrible digestive problems. It's worked wonders for her, and Rusty seems to enjoy the food.
Pretty stinky you didn't get an answer from the breeders! I know there was a rift of some kind between the two breeders. I don't think I ever heard what it was about.
I read & post on the doodle zoo, where I have come across other Gleneden doodles, most of whom are healthy and have good temperaments, etc. One of them has mild hd, though.
When I got Rusty, I knew nothing about questions to ask or heath testing or anything....but I'd gotten dogs my whole life without being an "educated consumer." I really loved the place & Judy was very nice. My feeling is some of the health problems happen no matter what the breeder does as a precaution....but of course there are plenty of just bad breeders out there. (on the other hand, I've had my share of great rescues and pound puppies!... Bottom line, I'm not sure you can blame yourself at all. And fell in love!!!!! :
Again...sorry I didn't see this!! Feel free to write me anytime. You could try again here, or my email is pattylds at yahoo dot com.
I'm glad Koji is doing better!!! I hope that's still the case, and it's a happy, healthful New Year!!!!!
Hi Patty:

Happy Birthdat to Rusty. Koji is now 20 months - I can't bellieve the time has gone so quickly. I am starting allergy shots with Koji this coming week - I've tried herbs and holistic rememdies for a year - it is now time to go to the shots. I feed Koji grain free - always have. Originally I fed him all raw - but the only proteins he does fairly well on is rabbit and fish - my luck - incredibly expensive. Thank you for your kind response- I too have had dogs my entire life (rescues, breeders, re-homes) and I have never come across this - its been quite a journey. He is a WONDERFUL dog. I live near Rockland County - I live in Bergen county NJ - are you in this area?
Morning, Nancy!!!!! I just wrote you a looooong letter, was almost finished and was silly enough to click on Koji'e picture....POOF!!!! Letter all gone!!!!! And now I'm out of time and have to get dressed for work, so I have to give you the short version without details. sigh Summary....Hugs to you & of luck with the shots. All in all, he's such a lucky boy.. Also, I'm a Bergen County native.... I grew-up there & raised my kids there for about 10 years before we moved. Moving was culture You can take the girl out of Bergen County, but you can't take Bergen....well, you get the idea. Where are you? We must be very close!
I had to look here to see if you got my note. I don't know if I missed a setting to follow discussions or something, but I don't get notifications or copies of notes in my email. Now I know to check for replies....
Hope you & Koji have a good day, Nancy!!!!!! ttys!!
I would love to know where my 2 doodles come from. All I do know is Ginger came from a puppy mill in or near Lancaster PA and Jack was found, dehydrated and malnourished under the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, taken to the Phila SPCA and both were rescued by a Doodle Rescue group. He went crazy when they tried to put him in a cage so they asked if I would foster him. We kept him! The both dogs were antisocial and skiddish at first but now are absolutely wonderful.
Euro came from Cindy at Blueridge puppies in TN and Kroner is a rescue.
HI there!
Snickers caem from Sandy Ridge in Iowa in March of '05 and MOcha came from NIkki and Blazing Star Kennels, born in January of '06.
Where exactly is Sandy Ridge? I am originally from Iowa and would love to check it out next time I am back home.



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