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I'm in need of a new groomer for Gus and Lily. The girl that has been grooming them has decided to quit grooming for a while. I thought I'd ask here instead of posting seperately in the MD and VA areas. It took me 4 groomers to find this last one and she's been grooming Gus for over 3 years and is the only one to have done Lily since we got her 3 years ago.


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Thanks Megan. Traveling to Bethesda isn't far for me. Since my daughter and son-in law live in Rockville. I just looked at their website and they look good. Mind if I ask how much they charge to groom Douglas? I know he's a mini, and Gus and Lily weigh in at 55lbs each, but it will give me ballpark figure before I call them.
Thanks. That's a lot considering we've been paying $50.00 each. But I'm still going to check them out. I'm more concerned to find someone who knows doodles and will listen to the customer.

Hi Joe. We love the individual attention that Irina Berra gives our doods. She knows how to cut doodles, is not a chain and doesn't overlap appointments so your dog is only there a couple of hours. She's in MD, near 29 and 198. It's a farmette and she also does boarding. If you go next weekend, Apr 21- 24, pet my girls - they're hanging there while we're in New Orleans for a wedding :)

Oh, $60 for the works.




Hi... we are in Vienna VA and use Horner's Corner on Cedar.  Kelly Horner does a great job and she is reasonable.  Saffie is 40lbs and she charges 80.00 for the works...



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