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  • Hi this is my new puppy I get her next sat ❤️ Can anyone tell me what type coat she will have
  • Hi all! This is my F1 Goldendoodle at 6.5 weeks. Does he have furnishings? I honestly cannot tell anymore. /Users/alexisfarmer/Desktop/BEAR/thumbnail_IMG_6700-1.jpg /Users/alexisfarmer/Desktop/BEAR/thumbnail_IMG_6699.jpg /Users/alexisfarmer/Desktop/BEAR/thumbnail_IMG_6701.jpg
  • Oliver was dark mahogheny (?) when he was a pup and now he is a lighter brown. Coat texture has changed from shiny to more wirey

  • My doodle was black until she turned 10 months old and now I see silver and choc. coming out in her ...anyone else doodle do this and wonder at what age they get their full color ? #MissBeaiscuteanycolor

  • Welcome Back Karen!  Oliver is F1B and I had him clipped way down. His coat is now about 2" long, never ever sheds but is matting like crazy. I bathe him every 2 wks. due to Florida sand and dust but does anyone have an idea?  Does a longer coat hold up better. Coat took major change from 6 month - smooth to 1 yr. wavy and now 4 yrs curly and greyed out with coarser grey on top...BUT matts all over?

  • Welcome Karen...I have 1 F1 Goldendoodle who is almost 5 years old and weighs 70 lbs.  She is my love bug and the best thing ever!!!!  They are the best!

  • All three of my Doodles have a different coat.My black has a silky coat,then I have a curley coat and when he was little it was silky,then we have a courser coat and hers has stayed that way. No mats only around her ears. I leave all in long coat,then just a little shorter in the summer. I like the shaggy look.

  • BTW I couldn't find my discussion listed above so had to respond on the comment area.

  • I love Neely's coat and he sheds very little, But I think he had more mats and more in the brush this fall and while I groomed him this week I noticed some areas with really short hair that was obviously fairly new growth in comparison to his long spirals. He also has one of those little red fur areas grow in so he has a little spot of red on his rump! He used to have a little red hook of fur just below his neck so if he was a christmas ornament you could hang him from it! It has faded and this new red area is new growth as well. I can't really remember if this happened last fall or not. It is not causing any shedding issues at all but he did seem to mat non stop for about a month or so. We would brush him and if my husband did it I would say he obviously didn't do a thorough job! But then I noticed that it happened after I did it too. The next day there would be a mat where you knew he was fully brushed out. The appearance of his coat hasn't changed unless you were brushing up close to notice. Mind you we are in Canada and do have definite seasons. All our other dogs had noticeable coat changes per season but were shedding dogs.

  • I was told that the coat goes through changes till the dog is ablout 3 years old and then what ever you end up with by that time is it. Jersey changed constantly, Jasmine stayed pretty much the same. Same breeder, same lines. Go figure!


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4.5 week old puppy coat prediction

Our little Ellie is 4.5 weeks old in these pictures. I don't see much wave in her coat. Can anyone tell if she'll end up as a straight haired Goldendoodle? She was by far the smallest of the litter of standard f1 doodles. At birth she weighed 7oz and at 4 weeks she weighed 3.1 lbs. She is super sweet and cuddly and I can't wait to bring her home.image.jpeg

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Should I invest in an expensive brush yet?

I'm pretty sure my baby F1 golden doodle is going to be a shedder.  Totally fine, its what I was prepared for with a F1.  However, I can't decide if what she's doing now is temporary.  She's only 18 weeks, but she's definitely going through a coat change.  Lots of new, wavy hair coming in, and LOTS of white, "puppy" fur coming out.  I do expect her to be a life-long shedder, just not sure if it will be life-long heavy shedding or if it will slow down.  And, I don't know much about the expensive…

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just wondering about coat changes

we've been waiting, it seems like forever to get our golden doodle.  we had requested either a dark carmel or a black male. we go this saturday to pick him out - and we'll bring him home on the 17th - so a week from friday!  i was wondering if the black doods that have the red beards - was the coloring at all present when they were puppies?  my husband wants a black dood - but, he wants him to be all black - no white, silver, gray, or red.  our bestest furbaby that just crossed the rainbow…

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