Even though physically, Jack is a perfect combination of his two parent breeds, he has some traits/behaviors that are very clearly one or the other. For example, he is absolutely addicted to retrieving...all he wants to do is catch/chase a ball (or other object) and bring it back to me. He wants to do this 24/7. You cannot sit down anywhere in Jack's presence without having a ball dropped in your lap. I cannot interest him in any other game.On the other hand, he must get his eating habits from his poodle side, as he is an extremely picky eater. He rarely finishes a meal, and often turns his nose up at treats that he seemed to enjoy the last time it was offered...as if he just isn't in the mood for that particular flavor today. I know labs are famous for eating just about anything, so it must be the poodle side, although I will say my pure-bred poodle was much less fussy than Jack.How about you? Any behaviors or habits in your F1 that you can clearly identify as being either poodle or retriever?

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  •  Most people don't know that poodles are actually great hunters and retrievers. So I guess Ashley has both golden and poodle equally when it comes to retrieving, Annie enjoys the play more than the retrieving. Ashley loves attention but takes it for just so long then goes off to do her own thing, which is a poodle trait.   Our Annie is a lover like goldens, enough is never enough love for her, but otherwise is pure poodle.She has to think first before she does something, whereas Ashley just jumps right in and thinks later. Annie is always one step ahead brain wise and goes by Her Majesty and wears the title proudly. They get along wonderfully and are best friends although constantly trying to outsmart one another. Both are huge water dogs, although Annie tends to be a little more cautious, whereas with Ashley it is always yippy.. Both took to boating and new places and things without hesitation.  You can't put anything over on Annie, she is always one step ahead of you. Ashley has more of a oh well, who cares attitude like a golden. If both were groomed to look like poodles, they would look just like standard poodles.  Except Ashleys tail which is more like a goldens. They are both wonderful loving dogs and we are so blessed to have them.

  • Laika has signs of both breeds:

    Poodle: a wavy long coat, nips at the rear of the other dog when playing (very poodley), thin waist, getting taller in the legs.
    Lab: Face & Ears, her hazel eyes, her shoulders and neck are becoming strong and broad, she has the mouth of a lab with what i call the "w's" - the warbly jowely bits at the side of her mouth, when she plays she gets down on her belly really flat, just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting dog - which I didn't know was a lab thing until she was playing with a couple of pure labs and they were doing the EXACT same thing! OH and of course she fetches very well - i'm thinking that's pretty Lab/like, although my pure poodle was great at bringing toys back.

    I love both the breeds in her, so it's just fun to see which ones become more prominent.
  • Luah is very much a combination of both... she is totally like Jack with a tennis ball. We have tennis balls stashed all over the yard because the only way to stop the "lap dropping" is to put the ball away! I love her prancing movement. She is a pleasure to watch when trotting along on her walks and this is totally poodle like. I have owned horses and I always comment on her "great movement". I also have a lot of friends with labs and they plod along, no real bounce in their step. I also see the poodle personality with her pickiness, shyness/anxiety with some new situations and her devotion to one person. I really like the combination and that is why I am getting another f1 in a few weeks. Hopefully we'll have another nice combo!
  • As I am sitting here typing this Gracie Doodle has already had a one hour "chuck it" playtime and is now sitting beside me putting her tennis ball on the desk. Then she sits back and waits and stares. A very low moan comes out of her if I ignore her more than 2 minutes...oh...here comes the ball, right up to the keyboard! She will not stop until I put away the ball. The tennis ball obsession can become rather annoying but I love my Gracie Doodle and she is just so darn cute when she tries to get my attention.

    Gracie is an F1 Golden. I would say she probably has more Poodle characteristics but she is 50/50 so who knows. She has the deep chest and high stomach, narrow hips, big feet but very soft footed. She looks like she is walking on air and can jump straight up in the air probably 4 feet off the ground standing still. That has got to be a Poodle. She has the sweetest face and eyes. Long ears...I think Golden's have short ears. When she gets her snout wet then it looks like a Poodle's. She has the wavy hair but under her ears,neck and chest it is curly. Her tail has about 3 inches of wavy hair and then becomes this gorgeous plume that is 100% Golden Retriever fur! That is the only coarse hair on her entire body. The rest is soooooo soft and fluffy but not dense. She is super smart and gets it immediately when you teach her something. Loves to be in the water and hates to be hot! Runs really fast and has long legs like her mother who is an Apricot Poodle. Gracie is very tall and very lean. She is not food motivated and takes all day to eat her breakfast. We do free feeding with her and sometimes worry she doesn't get enough to eat. She does not eat any human food and therefore does not beg...which I LOVE! She sleeps on her back with her back legs totally spread flat on the floor or bed. Front paws are up and bent. There I go...just tossed a ball to Gracie...AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!
  • Meggie is also compulsive about chasing the aerobie ring or frisbee...a ball will do in a pinch. It sure gives her lots of exercise and easy on me. She has a year younger brother that belongs to our daughter (from the same parents...the dogs). They are so much alike...but he does the constant ball in the lap thing. Picky eating is not a problem...we are being good and not giving her any people food (occasionally a raw carrot)....and sometimes she helps herself off of the cupboard. She would take the ring over food any day.
  • Bella is funny like Jack about taking a treat. she likes and doesnt like...ect. She loves to pounce on balls ( I want to think that is from her daddy). Her daddy was a brown stanard poodle and her mom was the lab (I want to say a yellow lab but I am not sure). she loves to please you (some time when she fells like it). She loves to pout when she doesnt get her way. I have no idea where she got that from. When she was young she didnt like being alone in the house. she a year old and still loves to fallow some one around the house.
  • I know I responded a few months ago, but I thought of another thing. Louie is definitely more lab than poodle in that he gets crazy like my poodle never did, but he gets frequent ear infections like my poodle did. He is very mouthy, but has a gentle mouth like a lab does. He once got hold of a bird that got into our house, and carried it outside. I was flipping out thinking he had killed it, but he opened his mouth and the bird flew away! That has to be the lab in him.
  • Got a question! So I got Lucy last Sunday and I'm watching her constantly. When I look at puppy pictures of her she looks exactly like Fergie. I think they might end up looking like twins. That be very OK with me. I have noticed that her tail is always up and curled over her back. I don't remember that with Fergie. Is that the poodle in her? Incidently, Fergie really likes to Fetch too. Fergie loves to swim but I think both breeds like that. Fergie doesn't look like either breed though. She looks like a doodle.
    • Yep, that's called a "teapot tail", and it's from the poodle...they normally dock poodles' tails, that's why we don't recognize it, lol! Jack has it, too. Some people consider it "undesirable" according to the Australian Labradoodle "breed standard" of what they should look like, but I think most of here know how ridiculous that is by now!
      When Jack is walking slightly ahead of me, sometimes his leash gets into the circle of his tail, and it's like he has a built-in leash holder! Very cute!
  • I see my mini GD Gracie as being poodle in her high jump and athletic antics. She just jumps straight up for any reason. My friends with poodles say that bounciness is a trait of theirs. I feel like she also gets her intelligence from the poodle. It takes her no time to figure out opening gates, doors, etc. She is open and loving like a golden, never wanting to be away from her people. I can get her to get any thrown objects but as a rule she does not return the prizes! Not sure where that trait comes from...
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